This one was really good.
Good times!
I don't miss much of it myself. Miss going into record stores, but that's about it. Game night? Never heard of it. However, as kid/teenager I would've loved what is available now. There are drawbacks for sure such as the time I went to a high school dance wasted and thankfully I don't remember much of it. Got suspended for 5 days. Now if that were to happen now? It'd be all over the place. Not to mention the parties I went to where at least one or more than person made a spectacle of themselves:rolleyes::)
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AC Milan vs Tottenham Hotspur
Watching Tottenham Hotspur vs AC Milan. COYS!
After a humiliating loss to Wolves, they better win this one. They frustrate me yet I am still a fan:rolleyes:
Obviously I'm a Boston Bruins fan and they are doing extremely well in the NHL so a win by them certainly
lessens the pain of Spurs being Spursy. Sort of. The coverages is as dull as the game. Hardly any crowd noise.
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Anyone watching Succession S4?

S04E03 was insane. I did get spoiled beforehand but I still couldn't believe it happened the way it did.
I finally came around to watching Doctor Sleep (2019), the film adaptation of Stephen Kings The Shining-sequel of the same name.

Mike Flanagan here provides a film which I like more than Kubrick's version of The Shining. But just like Kubrick this is wildly unfaithful to the novel. And really more of a sequel to the movie by Kubrick while somewhat based on Doctor Sleep than a straight adaptation of King's novel. Ewan McGregor is fantastic as a middle aged Danny Torrance though and I really enjoyed it.
Watching Rome, the TV series from 2005. Currently 6 episodes in, it’s bloody fantastic. One of the best series I’ve ever seen.
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