Watched Terrifier 2 (2022) at the pictures.

An old-school, gory slasher. There's lots to like with this genre-study of a film, and it was a fun experience. At 2 hours 18 minutes it's a good deal too long, and the final fight goes on a couple times longer than you would reasonably expect, but I found the lead (played by Lauren LaVera) engaging and she is probably the film's greatest strength.

Two thumbs up.
Has anyone seen the new Avatar? So far, i have only read online reviews. Main thread: visually film is gorgeous, but plotwise is somewhat shallow/thin. Any thoughts?
I didn’t see any Avatar movie. But I think many of the landscapes were inspired in the Roger Dean artwork (Yes album covers artist)
That basically sums up the first movie too. I didn't see the new one yet.

I didn't find the first movie shallow plot-wise; quite the opposite. There were many innovative elements, the parallelisms were obvious but nevertheless smart and deep, the end was no surprise, but the solution(s) unexpected.
Having said that I totally believe and I do expect the sequel's plot to be really shallow and boring. As all the innovative ideas of the first movie are already established how many more rabbits can they pull out of their hats?

My main concern is this: "Cameron basically did remake the first movie, only in the sea". Hope I am wrong.

Words really cannot express how good this film is.

I watched it a couple of weeks ago in my local cinema and I am still in awe. I cannot wait to get it on Blu-ray so I can watch it again (and again).
Truly terrific film. Unfortunately my partner's family watches it almost nonstop during the holidays so I have PTSD every time it's mentioned. Still, an incredible watch and Michael Caine gives the performance of a lifetime.

It's a genuine masterpiece, perhaps the best adaptation of the story and never lets the message get side-lined by the Muppet cast or the musical elements. Speaking of which, the soundtrack is just beautiful. I also love Michael Caine's performance, and that he took it as seriously as he would if he were filming with the Royal Shakespeare Company. For me it's an annual Christmas Eve watch, not to be missed.