Watched Ancient Apocalypse (2022) on Netflix.

Pseudo-archaelogist/historian (pseudo-everything really) Graham Hancock goes on a rant towards archeologists and historians and how everyone is wrong and that there was an ancient advanced civilisation which died out at the end of the last ice-age. Joe Rogan guests and seems the most out of place anyone's ever been in a "documentary" but I found it entertaining otherwise.

It's like with that guy who claimed aliens built the pyramids. Not to be taken seriously, but it's not boring stuff.
Just got out from Glass Onion.

First of all, highly recommended. The performances are all on point, it's a lot of fun, and I do enjoy the idea that there's a movie about how much a rich billionaire playboy is actually a buffoon. And they wrote this before Elon Musk bought Twitter.

Wasn't quite as good as Knives Out but when it hits Netflix, set some time aside and give it a watch.

(Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio)
El Camino is a movie that serves as an epilogue to the main series. It starts off immediately where the finale ends, and, if nothing else, provides some nice closure to several characters.

Better Call Saul, as I'm sure you're aware, is a prequel series centered around Saul Goodman. There is also a small percentage of it, plus the final couple episodes, that takes place well after the events in Breaking Bad.

I'd say all are basically on the same level of quality. There are even some out there that think BCS is even better than BB. I wouldn't go that far myself, but I'd say it is absolutely worth watching.
Haven’t finished it yet, but I think Better Call Saul is a superior series. It’s more mature, a much slower burn, and just a genius character study.

Also, less drug people doing drug stuff, which gets old to me.