It's great. I'd say it's pretty much on par with Breaking Bad, which is some high praise.

Originally, I was expecting it to mostly just be a goofy comedy, which is probably why I put off watching it for so long. Needles to say, it has far exceeded my expectations.

Grrr the VPN isn't working for me anymore. And I have 2 different providers. Before I was putting Taiwan and it was working now not even that. All other countries are showing up to season 5.
Could it be related to Netflix allegedly killing the shared accounts?
But again. All other shows are there it's just that Better Call Saul Season 6 that I can't watch.
Britain's Got Talent, in an attempt to see a local celebrity guitarist. Sat through forty five minutes of this crap and haven't seen any sign of him yet. :facepalm:
Finally watched The Batman, which was good, but not great. Also watched Old, which was OK.

Overall stronger than the pretty forgettable second series, but my favourite episodes are still from the first.
Better Call Saul SE06 E07

Mixed feelings, from here it can be either too cheesy or MEGA good.
I don't like how's the arc of Lalo Salamanca is turning to be. Too much cartoonish, hope he dies soon, before he fucks the show completely.
Also shocking to see Howard go, Saul & Kim have been mega dicks and we already know there'll be karma action on them.
We are only 6 episodes before the end and the show managed to maintain its decency, next episode will be decisive if it goes north or south. Can't wait for next Tuesday.

EDIT: Nope. That was it. There will be no Tuesday. To be concluded on August 15th, after 6 episodes starting from July 11.