I have read far too little about JFK to have anything to say about it, but I think King made the right choice for his story. Would have been a massive shame to have such a novel reduced to being about a conspiracy theory. It would have overshadowed both him as a writer and the actual story here to which the JFK assassination is just a backdrop.


Ancient Mariner
Why don't you think that?
That would be a very long reply.
Just based on the books I've read and, if you dig for it, overwhelming info that points to a much bigger picture.
I recommend starting with the novel On the Trail of the Assassins by Jim Garrison


Ancient Mariner
Red Eye - a 2005 thriller directed by (horror master) Wes Craven starring Rachel McAdams & Cillian Murphy. Well done suspenseful film. At least half of it takes place on a plane or in an airport.

Trailer (which doesn't give too much away; I'm trying not to spoil the plot)



I finally watched A New Hope. Yes, it's the first Star Wars movie, but it's my third.
My first and second were The Phantom Menace and The Last Jedi. Kind of messed up when you think about it.


I'm trying to knock a lot of famous stuff of my list.
Today I got around to watching Home Alone.
The Christmas movie bits were schlocky and saccharine, the comedy was good, although a bit too casually violent for my taste, and I'm surprised nobody reported the parents for child neglect.
It was alright.


Ancient Mariner
Project Blue Book season 2 just finished; was even better than season 1!
Really enjoying this series not only because it introduces me to events I wasn't aware of but also covers better known subjects like Roswell and Area 51 from more of an insider's pov

Is viewable on History Channel app

Black Wizard

Cereal Litigator
I have to say, that's one show I really don't want to watch at the moment.
The latest series of Van Helsing is on Netflix now. As the name suggests, it's about vampires. It's a post-apocalyptic thing where vampires have been unleashed and are starting to take over from humans, so with our current predicament I'm not going to jump straight into it.

Since it's about vampires they could probably use 'Out of the Shadows' as the theme tune. :innocent:


Stranger in a Strange Board
Currently binge watching Modern Family. Lmao great show and Phil dunphy might be one of the funniest characters