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The cheapest beer I found that wouln't give you indigestion or poisoning.

Quantity over quality.
Alcohol is crazy expensive here. Any time the government needs more money, they put extra taxes on alcohol.

Combined effect of having an Islamist government that also happens to be awful at economic affairs.
Arizona Iced tea, Kiwi Strawberry. fucking love them lol. So delicious and they come in giant cans of only 99 U.S cents.
On the recommendation of @Perun: Laprhoaig Quarter Cask


All my half-decent scotch glasses are in the dishwasher, so I'm drinking out of a taller glass. Two drams, three rocks.

The nose is quite strong, but not in a bad way. Not harsh at all. You can smell the smoke, but a richer scent than the normal peat you'd get with it. A little sweetness on the outskirts too, so a nice malting. The palate is quite beautiful, very thick tasting, with notes of a caramel and smoke and you can taste the malt. The finish is smokey, but not overwhelmingly so. Whiskey Exchange says it's coal lingering, and maybe?

Probably the most complex scotch I've had yet, but this one is damn fucking good. A bit more pricey than I usually buy, but I'm extremely happy.
Just a glass of the Glenfiddich 12 for tonight's nightcap. I had Glenmorangie Original Highland at the bar earlier.
Coffee. Forever fan of it. Love drinking it while working, delving into mantigames, or when I want to wake up myself from being sleepy :)