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With tonic. Rather nice.
Schn3id3r is the best beer ever, don't fucking @ me. Nothing comes close. If you think it does, you never had Schn3id3r.
I recently went to one of our local craft breweries, Minverva. They have a WIDE selection of their own concoction as well as imports, one of them being our little pink elephant friend lol, They offer 155ml, bottle (350ml) and liter options for the drinks. However, of the almost 15 beers they make they only offer the 155ml option for 9 of them.I felt ambitious and wanted to try all nine, only made it to 3. Definitely not 20 years old anymore hahaha. I had their blonde ale, brown ale and stout. Definitely going back to try the rest. They also sell a 12 pack variety pack unofficially called "the happy meal" at a decent price.

My brother and I enjoyed this last night. The bottle on the right is what white tequila looks like after 5 months in that little cask. The bottle on the left is white tequila I put in there after taking the other one out. I bought the bottle directly at the distelary IN Tequila. My gf wanted to go for her bday. I've had the cask for a while. I wanted to by a 3 liter one, but they don't offer that size. Only half, a liter, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50. Not to mention I'm actually not a big tequila drinker. I prefer rum and vodka. Thus waiting for it to age is very easy for me. I do want to buy a new cask eventually as they obviously don't last forever. As for now, this little guy was filled with new tequila two days ago and probably won't see the light of day until early May the earliest.

White tequila is the product straight from the distillng process. Aged from 1-9 months it is Reposado (reposed/rested), from a year to 5 years it is Añejo (aged), and 5 years plus is extra añejo or VERY aged. The more it is aged the more expensive it gets due to the time it takes of course, but also as it ages you LOSE product as it is absorbed by the wood as well as it evaporates. I filled my cask of a liter with 750mls worth. in 5 months I expect that to be around 500mls. I'll actually measure it too lol. Another reason why I'll get a 2 liter cask on my next visit, I can age it longer and still get a decent amount out of it. The lady selling them told me the true volume of the 2 liter is 2.5, even better. There is a brand of white tequila that sells liter bottels for 10 dollars, so it is a good investment.

Picked it up yesterday. A bit light, but highly enjoyable nonetheless
I have a large bottle of the 12 in my cabinet. It's the default scotch for the world, and there's a reason for it. I'm currently trying to source a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green as I found out the local liquor authority has stopped importing it, so I'm hoping I can get one before they're done selling it entirely.

With soda. Got a raspberry one for Christmas, that was rather nice, this is... less nice. Tasted pretty good straight, but weak as piss with the soda water.
Had some of these yesterday,


The whole craft beer revolution has made it difficult to find straight forward English ales these days, every off licence is taken over by gimmicky overly hoppy beers aimed at hipsters, so I was delighted to find these in a nearby off licence.