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This is my first time having it in general so I obviously can't compare it to the keg or nitro cans versions, but I gotta say, it's not bad. It has a very malty flavor. It actually reminds me of Spotted Cow a little bit.

This is definitely something that I will plan on getting again in the future.
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More Old Speckled Hen nitro porn.


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So I haven't taken a picture of it, yet, but I finally got the chance to go back to Tequila and buy a 2L barrel and two 750ml bottles of Casa Gonzalez's 701 white tequila straight from the distillery. It is a new company, very small operation and thank god, because their Tequila is CHEAP! The bottles I bought were 170 pesos each! That's about 8.50 US. Their extra añejo Tequila (aged at least 3 years) is only 800 pesos! or, again 40 US. To put it in perspective, a bottle of Herradura Reposado (aged 8 months) is like 500 pesos and an extra añejo one can run you 1500 pesos easy. So I'm very excited to start aging this sucker, but I gotta make a trip to costco and get a 1.75L bottle of Johnny Walker first. Apperantly, if I put that in the barrel for at least 6 months it will give the Tequila a better body and flavor.


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Gotta wake up at 6:30 trying to teach kids some handwriting tomorrow... jesus i'm done


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Yesterday I bought to bottles of this baby:

I was going to go to Costco and get a 1.5L of Johnny Walker, but this one was like... WAY cheaper. A regular bottle of JW 700ml is 340 pesos. A bottle of 750ml Grand Grizzly CANADIAN Whisky? 135 pesos. yup, about US$7.50. I am VERY curious to try it, but do fear going blind LOL. Considering I'm just using it to prep the wood of my barrel for the Tequila to come, I was fine saving that much money.


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Nothing wrong with Canadian whiskey. There might be something wrong with *that* Canadian whiskey.


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Nothing wrong with Canadian whiskey. There might be something wrong with *that* Canadian whiskey.
That's what I meant. For example, there's a Vodka sold here in Mexico called Oso Negro (black bear). No joke, US$4 the 500ml bottle. Something DEFINITELY wrong with THAT vodka lol.

I took a wiff of it before putting it in the barrel, smelled no different to other mid-range whiskys and I'll try it in January when I take it out to put the tequila in.