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Over the years there always was discussion about Nicko's age. For intance, myself, I always thought he was from 1954, and never understoond where that 1952 came from, but now I've finally found a source in which Nicko tells his own age: ... 1684377612

This 2nd part of an excellent documentary (recommended by forum member Smalahove), was recorded in 2006.
In it, Nicko says he's 54, so I guess 1952 must be the correct birth year. He'll be 60(!) in 2012.

Perhaps this has become a non-issue, and I could be one of the last unbelievers, but now I am converted as well. ;)


I thought some more pre-Maiden live footage might be nice:

Pat Travers
Hooked On Music
You Don't Love Me
This member has more of this gig ->

I guess this is (unfortunately) the only vid with Trust:
Les Brutes
He was in Pat Travers? How did I not know that?
P.S. Nice hat Nicko  :lol:
Cheers!  The two albums he made with Travers came out in 1977. Some pretty good songs on them. Haven't heard this 1976 gig yet but I wonder which songs are on the setlist. :)
I don't know any of the songs but I enjoyed the concert thoroughly.
Very cool this. To bad not in Holland, but still a cool idea to see such an evening one day:

Premier Proudly Presents An Evening With Nicko
Published: September 12, 2011

Premier, the world’s leading manufacturer of drums and percussion, is proud to present ‘An evening with Nicko – a night of drums, drumming and entertainment with Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain’.

Nicko McBrain hardly requires an introduction. Having joined Iron Maiden in 1982, Nicko has become an established and charismatic figure within the music fraternity, renowned for his humour, showmanship and live performances. He has influenced many modern drummers over a wide range of styles.

Nicko first endorsed Premier back in 1993 choosing the company’s Signia kit, mounted upon a custom-built Falicon rack from America. Since then, Premier has supplied Nicko with a number of iconic custom kits to support Maiden’s world tours, most recently for ‘He Final Frontier World Tour’ which took the band across five continents playing to over two million fans right around the globe.

He evening promises entertainment from start to finish, appealing to players of all abilities and ages. Nicko will provide an insight into drumming for one of the world’s greatest rock bands, showcasing his technique and driven along by his larger than life personality. He will also be launching a series of Premier products, officially licensed by Iron Maiden and designed in collaboration with Nicko himself including drumsets, snare drums and authentic replicas of his tour kits. More information on this to follow.

Commencing in Burghausen, Germany on the 31st October, the tour runs through until the 18th November where Nicko will play at the Bush Hall, London and is presented in association with Paiste, Remo and Rhythm magazine.

Nicko comments: “When Premier asked me to get involved with some design aspects on a new range of products, I was only too happy to oblige as I have the greatest respect for their workmanship and expertise. Collaborating with Premier has been a tremendous experience and we hope you’ll like the new ideas we’ve come up with! It’s been some time since I’ve been out doing any drum clinics so I’m really looking forward to these German and UK dates. It’ll be great to see some familiar faces again, and hopefully meet some new ones too. If you’ve never been before, come down and see for yourself what the evening’s all about. I promise you it’s a lot of fun and a great night out!”

‘An evening with Nicko’ – tour dates and contacts:

31st Oct | Burghausen | Musik Meisinger | 08677 875 660
2nd Nov | München | Just Music München | 089 383884 15
3rd Nov | Karlsruhe | Rock Shop Karlsruhe | 0721 97855 500
4th Nov | Ludwigsburg | Vogelmann’s Trommelladen | 07141 913 800
5th Nov | Frankfurt | Session Music Frankfurt | 069 / 29 70 29 -70
6th Nov | Laggenbeck | Musik Produktiv Ibbenbüren | 05451 909 440
7th Nov | Köln | Music Store Cologne | 0221 8884 1580

10th Nov | Newcastle-Upon-Tyne | Drumshop UK | 0191 495 0201
13th Nov | Derby | Rattle and Drum | 01332 341 414
14th Nov | Manchester | Manchester Drum Centre | 0161 789 4415
15th Nov | Wolverhampton | Birmingham Drum Centre | 0121 766 5077
16th Nov | Swansea | Drumnutt | 01792 301 010
17th Nov | Reading | Drumwright | 0118 944 1418
18th Nov | London | Premier (Bush Hall) |

For further information visit the official Premier website
Full Trust (1982, Germany) concert featuring Nicko!

When Nicko left Trust he was replaced by Clive Burr. Iron Maiden and Trust pretty much switched drummers.

1) Grande Illusion
2) Solitude
3) Savage
4) Repression
5) Death Instinct
6) La Junte
7) Paris Is Still Burning
8 ) Les Brutes
9) In The Name Of The Race
10) Les Templiers
11) The Sects
12) Your Final Gig
13) Get Out Your Claws
14) Mr. Comedy
15) Antisocial
16) L'Elite
17) Pick Me Up Put Me Down
Wow. What a powerful and tight bass drum handling. Cool.
Never seen this ancient footage (I estimate it to be 1989)!
Great sound and image.


Not sure if this following stuff was posted before:

Nicko doing The Trooper (with band on tape in background) at Guitar Center's Drum Off 2008 Grand Finals. (check his bass drum during Dave's solo!)

From the same performance: drum solo