New Single - The Writing on the Wall


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Before I'll go through all the posts here, my first impressions:

1. the beginning - man, Maiden are finally doing Southern rock! I mean, seriously, before playing the video I'd been spinning some Skynyrd and the change was not at all jarring

2. this is definitely the best album preview from them for the longest time. Speed of Light was really meh, El Dorado sucked, Breeg was okay, but only given time, didn't like it at first, Wildest Dreams was (and still is) one of the worst Maiden songs ever...
So I'm definitely excited!

3. As for the video, well...

The director: Hey, guys, how many ideas would you like to implement in your video?

'Arry: Yes

All in all I'm really happy. The YT version sounded rather bad, but whatever.


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Interesting link

Some details about the video

Key paragraph being

Dickinson initially had a concept for the video which came to fruition in collaboration with two award-winning former Pixar executives and long-standing MAIDEN fans Mark Andrews and Andrew Gordon. The pair have over 50 years of animation industry experience between them at the very top-level including work on "The Incredibles", "Ratatouille", "Brave", "Monsters Inc." and "Finding Nemo". With partners lining up to get involved with the project they chose BlinkInk, a London based animation studio celebrated for their work with a variety of global brands from Adidas to Coca-Cola and a number of high-profile music videos.
Video was splendid.


Brilliant! Much better than what I expected (the singles from the last couple of albums were pretty meh). Can't really go wrong with Smith/Dickinson, and i love the Uriah Heep vibes.
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And (as others have said) the first single of the last few albums are ALWAYS like ‘Wtf?! Grrrrrrr’
But they always fit into the album.
I like this song a lot.


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Why everybody mad when you have a different opinion as somebody else? LOL

I'm not mad, I meant that as a joke.

Your comparison is valid, it does have that Wanted Dead or Alive, young guns sound track vibe. I like WDOA a lot so that won't put me off this track.
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I liked the song itself, loved the arrangement. But maybe it was the YT stream quality that made the mix sound like shit to me. Specially the vocals. I'm hoping the album version will sound better


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Let's not forget for the last couple of albums the premier single has been the arguably weakest song on the album. I doubt this is any different.

If this happened to be true, the album would definitely end up in my top 5 at the very least. Not kidding, not exaggerating.