New Single - The Writing on the Wall


Still burning under our skies...
I was thinking... Were Bruce and H inspired by Janick and Steve... This certainly seems like some kind of continuiation of TBOS, the song, both musically and thematically.
I don’t know why but it reminds me of IESF. Not just the song but in the video, the guy on the throne getting injected with the green stuff from humans reminded me of Necropolis “sucking the lives from around his bed.”


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Yes, definitely made me think of Bruce's Dr Necropolis storyline from his solo project and IESF
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I also feel an Eternity vibe, somehow, somewhere. Theres a guitar rundown at the end that is very similar to the one at the end of Eternity which makes me think its part of Bruce Bruces story from back then into the now, musically if not lyrically. Not that I know what the lyrics are to either of those songs, bar the chorus.


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Cool short video with some of the references on the videoclip. A bit confusing though, because it's very short, you might need to pause it lol
Well well well......
A chance for Eddie and the boys to ride out on a furious sunset, and leave a trail blaze of glorious metal that will live on eternally. And did they take that chance you may ask?
Yeah they took the chance. And then they shoved it up the ass of anyone who doubted them .
The writing in the wall will be there forever. This is fucking glorious stuff. This is golden years. This is new frontier. This is eternal.
this is a fucking gift. Love the film, way too much to take in a couple of views, but loved the cyborg Eddie bit....
Thank you Iron Maiden. Been with you since ‘83, and you just may have dropped the best yet.


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Thats simply not true, not sure where you would get that idea from, especially on systems designed to handle that. In this case, Aurender N20—>Chord MScaler—>Chord Dave—>Sim Audio Moon 340i—>Paradgim Persona 9H’s in an acoustically treated room. But again, no idea why you state that bit and sample rates higher than 16/48 degrade sound, but it’s factually incorrect.
helluva nice system you got there !

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Certainly not.
For me, TWOTW, while not perfect (needs more cowbell!), is some of the most interesting, inspired and, um, individual? stuff they've released in the last 29 years.
I was just about to ask you what you thought of it, since you’re not a big fan of modern Maiden. Hopefully the rest of the album makes up for you what the previous 7 failed to achieve.


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I was just about to ask you what you thought of it, since you’re not a big fan of modern Maiden. Hopefully the rest of the album makes up for you what the previous 7 failed to achieve.
Dunno Diesel, I'm mildly and cautiously optimistic, and afraid to jinx it as well, but this is the first time after the release of Seventh Son that I'm hearing new Maiden and not going "oh fuck :facepalm:".
Obviously, I've moved to much darker stuff meanwhile so there's always the possibility that even if the new album is a masterpiece I wouldn't be able to fully appreciate it anymore - but let's see. I hope this time they've put some more thought and effort into the thing.
All I can say is that those last days have been a lot of fun, not least because of the whole Daniel / bels_feast campaign, and it certainly lifted my spirits and made me feel (even) younger.
I don't expect a masterpiece, but if the rest, or most of the rest, of the songs on the new album are comparable to this one in terms of pure joie de vivre from the band members, that would be good enough.


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It's a very simple song, enjoyable , no issues.
Has vibes of Eternity should fail or Halford's till the day I die.

Pretty commercial which is typical of the first single.
I love the video though. The best Maiden video ever IMO.
Maiden do put some shockers out.


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Plain and simple, I am loving everything about it. I cannot wait to sing it in the next tour.

Ps. the visual work is fantastic.