Misheard lyrics


Ancient Marinade
I can thank my second wife for clearing these up for me:
AC/DC: dr krinklestein! (Have a drink on me)
Elton John: hold me closer tony danza (tiny dancer)

I forget who sings “private eyes” but I still hear “rabbit eyes.”

And the classic “my woman staring back at me,” from Number of the Beast.


Ancient Mariner
The Legacy is another one for me.

"Why can't we treat our fellow men
With more respect and a shake of their hands?"

"Why can't we treat our fellow men
Whip out a spray tan, a shake of their ass"

"They benefit from death and pain and despair"

They're royally fucked, all from pain and despair"

Black Abyss Babe

Quantum weather butterfly
From Murders in the Rue Morgue: "Should I return to the scene of the crime where the two young bitches died?"
(For the uninitiated: it's actually victims).

From Age of Innocence: "We can't protect ourselves, our kids are full of s***".
Which is nothing like what Bruce is supposed to be singing :D.


Out of the Silent Planet
From Brave New World:

The part ''you are planned and you are damned''... somehow becomes - you are there and you are bear :D:D:D