Uniformly distributed hostility
The Black Album was my and many other people's gateway album into metal. I wouldn't have learned guitar or discovered Maiden without it. These days I recognise its flaws particularly with dreck like Don't Tread On Me. That and it unfortunately inspired the likes of FFDP and Avenged Sevenfold to form.

However, it's still an undisputed classic. There's a reason it's the biggest selling metal album. Also, I find it funny that it continues to enrage metal elitists to this day.

It was a perfect album in a perfect time so there's that. Everything Metallica does enrages someone so I wouldn't look much into it.

In any case I can't stand Enter Sandman, Sad But True and I find NEM stock, boring and tedious. Tread on me is another song I couldn't care less about. The rest ranges from fine to great.

Problem is when general populace talks about this album they almost exclusively talk about the 5 singles where i find three of them total crap.

Black is a transitional album. Where I hate it - sort of a polished melody lines and lyrics over And Justice For All riffs and tendencies. Just doesn't fit. I'm not trying to be edgy here but Hetfield tries to sound as powerful on Sandman as he did on Dyers Eve but using bollock lyrics and yippie-ka-yeah vocal melodies. It just puts me off completely, and I haven't changed opinion on this in 20 years. King Nothing is not structurally or melodically that different to Sandman yet I think it's a great track. It just has a feel that fits to it. This is a first grand-produced Metallica album and they did a lot of things far more better on Load and Reload, although Black is more compact album than combination of those two, I'll give it that.

So it's not about production or going into more accessible direction it's about songwriting.


Educated Fool
The Blacklist cover album is good idea. But 50! songs, just too much.

I started with The Unforgiven, then again, again, again and again same song is coming next. At some point even some girl started singing in Spanish. After that I stopped. I just listen Ghost and Corey cover after.

And I must admit that 90% of the artist I never heard of.


Educated Fool
I only like two covers from the Blacklist:

Ghost's cover of Enter Sandman and Miley Cyrus with Elton John, Chad Smith and Andrew Watt cover of Nothing Else Matters.


The Angel Of The Odd
I was watching Some Kind of Monster the other day and I was wondering if Metallica ever changed their management or they had the same all along. Here is the post where it originated.


Out of the Silent Planet
Metallica played the first of two shows celebrating its 40th anniversary last night:

-> all songs played in album order. First Metallica concert ever to feature songs from all studio albums plus Garage Inc. and S&M.

1.Hit The Lights
2.Creeping Death
3.Trapped Under Ice
4.Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
6.The Shortest Straw
8.Sad But True
9.Nothing Else Matters
10.King Nothing
11.Fixxxer (live debut)
12.Breadfan (Budgie cover)
13.No Leaf Clover
15.The Day That Never Comes
16.Spit Out The Bone