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It must have just evolved down a step since I last tuned it with a tuner, because I have another guitar always in d# for when I need to play along with Thin Lizzy


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I love listening to James try to drag Lars' tempo down with his vocals.

Lars does what every good metal drummer does, rushes the fills (stays on top of the beat) so the next repetition of verse or whatever can go even even faster. It's James that is unable to follow up because the man writes riffs with literally 0 air in them. They are powerful and great sounding but really if you take Battery at Seattle at that tempo, the riff is gone. IMO the hook of the riff is that E->Eb->E minor third "slide" which places it in harmonic scale and gives it that classical feel. They even do stop live, and come back directly into this part for emphasis. But it starts going inaudible if you increase the tempo.


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Given how well their last collaboration with a 70s icon went, this is sure to be a memorable affair!
I'm very pleased with Metallica's collaboration with Lou Reed. The line "I am the table!" is burned into my very soul and never fails to make me laugh whenever I see a wrestler fail to go through a table, as it's what's played on Botchamania in those events.


Fool! Doctor Doom does as he pleases!
You could never know what it's like, ooh
Your blood like winter trapped under ice
And there's a cold lonely light
that shines from you-ooh
You'll wind up like the house Jack built
behind that mask you use, yeah!

And did you think this fool could never win?
Well look at me, I'm creeping death again
I got a taste of love that should not be
And if you need to know while I'm still standing
you just fade to black — yeah!

Don't you know I'm still standing
better than your mama said (that’s right!)
Looking like a true survivor
feeling like an invisible kid, ooh
I'm still standing after jumping in the fire
Thinking that was just my life
without you on my mind-uh!

I'm still standing (Yeah, yeah, yeah) — ooh!
I'm still standing (Yeah, yeah, yeah) — c’mon!