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"If 'Death Magnetic' was a logical successor to [1988's] '…And Justice For All', the next album will be a heavier Black Album," METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett tells Rolling Stone, using the popular nickname for 1991's "Metallica". "We're not going to the depths of complexity that we did for 'Death Magnetic'. The stuff we're coming up with is more groove-oriented, a heavier version of what we were doing in the early Nineties."

"When people talk about the old stuff, they think 'Justice'," Ulrich tells Rolling Stone. "But look at 'Harvester Of Sorrow' on that album. It's a fairly simple five-minute song. And 'Fuel' [on 1997's 'Reload'] is an absolute scorcher live. Right now, I'm thinking shorter, more to-the-point."

I'm very dissapointed by this. I hate Fuel. I also think that they are much better at writing long songs.
I'm also disappointed but who knows. If its quality is high, I don't care if its thrash or not.
I like 'Fuel'! It's a fun song.

You're probably right about Metallica's longer songs being their best work Night Prowler. My two favourite Metallica songs are 'The Four Horsemen' and 'Master of Puppets', and they are both longer than seven minutes. However, I thought that the songs on 'Death Magnetic' were mostly too long. I think that if some of them had been a couple of minutes shorter then I'd have enjoyed the album a lot more.
TWO New Dates in Europe

January 23, 2012

TWO announcements in one posting today! We'll be kicking off our European trek this year by starting in Prague, Czech Republic on May 7, 2012 at Synot Tip Arena, followed the very next day by a visit to Belgrade, Serbia at Usce Park on May 8th. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 'Black Album' is on the agenda (of course!) in keeping with the theme of the summer, and these will be the first two performances of it in its entirety.
I'm excited for that. Just like No Prayer for the Dying, FOTD and the Blaze albums took a while to fully appreciate, Load and REload are not a total loss. They have their good songs and one of them IS Fuel. It's no "One" or "Master of Puppets," but it is damn catchy and great to play on the freeway.

My current thoughts on Metallica are these: People say they sold out with Load and Reload by changing their sound and image. I say Nay. They finally sold out with Death Magnetic. Why? Simple my simple minded friend. The point of producing art, whether music, literature or paintings, is SELF EXPRESSION and doing what YOU, the artist, want... not what OTHERS want you to do. Iron Maiden Have changed their sound and line-up throughout their career unapologeticly and guess what? They are the biggest thing in Metal EVER. Metallica is now giving "the fans" what "they" supposedly want. Their supposed old sound. If I wanted to listen to old Metallica, guess what? I'd listen to old metallica and play Ride the Lightning or MOP.

That being said, I'm still picking up the new album, because some Metallica is better than no Metallica (St. Anger excluded).
I like the Load "twins" alot....good songwriting is still good songwriting regardless of the artist. Death Magnetic, however, made me press the delete button on my keyboard two days ago; after listening to the album once a month since it's release, I finally got fed-up with being disappointed.
Load had some good songs and so did ReLoad. I even like songs like "Mama Said" even though I don't consider that Metallica.

But top be honest guys, Metallica is actually my favorite band (even though I love Maiden!!!) and I support them as much as I can. Yes, Lulu and St. Anger sucked ass, but Death Magnetic was a glorious revival of the thrash that we all know from them. I also heard that this new album will have shorter songs and focus on the grooves more but still be old school Metallica! So I'm very excited to see what they have to offer.
Despite the recent talks of a new album and 3D movie, Metallica’s James Hetfield has officially announced that Metallica, the world’s biggest heavy metal band, has called it quits. In an official statement from Hetfield on behalf of the entire group, Hetfield revealed the factors that contributed to this surprising decision: "We’ve been doing this for 30 years. At a certain point, we all realized we wanted to explore new territories musically. The project with Lou Reed [”Lulu”] seemed to awaken a desire to move onto new musical horizons. It’s come to that time; we can’t be Metallica anymore. But fear not, you’ll be hearing new music from each of us in the future." Plans for said musical projects from each band member remain speculative; however, each member of Metallica has announced tentative plans for what’s in store for them musically in the coming months.

Hetfield, admittedly inspired by his onstage reunion with former Metallica guitarist, Dave Mustaine, has expressed desire to start a new group with the Megadeth frontman. Commenting on this, Dave Mustaine says, "I’ll have to think about it." No word yet on who would fill in the bass and drum slots. Hetfield has admitted to having a strong respect for keyboardist **** from Children of Bodom, which could be a possibility.

Lars Ulrich, when asked what he plans to do, expressed desires to work alongside Marylin Manson. "I’ve been drawn more to the artistic side of heavy metal - with a guy like Manson, I think I’ll be satisfied artistically. We’ve gotten together a few times and thrown some ideas around."

Bassist Robert Trujillo has issued some rather undiplomatic statements, calling Lars a "tool" and Hetfield a "control freak." Trujillo plans on returning to his previous band, Suicidal Tendencies.

This news comes as a surprise to fans eager to hear the follow up to their 2008 return-to-form album, "Death Magnetic." Although the ill-fated album with the Velvet Underground’s Lou Reed seemed to foreshadow a mid-life crisis for the metal giants.

However, Lou Reed still remains in the Metallica circle; it is rumored that Metallica lead guitarist, Kirk Hammet, will team up with Reed for a concept album that explores the dynamic range of his favorite electric guitar effect- the wah pedal. "The wah pedal is pure expression, much like Lou Reed’s voice. Everything on the album - percussion, vocals, guitars, bass - will go through a wah pedal."

Sad day :(:S
1 April? A bloody good one if it is! And I like the collaboration idea with the COB keyboard dude. :)
I watched it live (through YouTube, ofc), James sounded fucking amazing on Fight Fire with Fire.
OMG entire
Ride the lightning
Awesooome! My favorite album from them. Im going to see them August 9th in Mexico City in the last of the sold-out shows! :edmetal: