Says the guy who thinks Cookie Monster vocals are a good thing and that Dio's worst schlock is better than everyone else's best work's DIO? :ninja:
Not sure where you’re getting the Dio thing. I mean, yeah, I love Dio, but not gonna pretend that Angry Machines is a good album or that his best years weren’t pre-90s.

Also, I’m barely a virgin when it comes to harsh vocals. I listen to probably fewer than 10 bands with harsh vocals and most of them have mixed singing. I find the majority of them to be poorly done.
The shittiest album. By a very wide margin. Everything on there was boring and/or completely uninspired.
Thirteen and Super Collider are far worse.
Not sure where you’re getting the Dio thing. [...] Also, I’m barely a virgin when it comes to harsh vocals.
That ninja face was apparently buried too many layers deep in spoiler blurs!

Thirteen and Super Collider are far worse.
They're bad, but The World Needs A Hero is absolutely abysmal. I can at least point to a couple of songs on each of those records that are worth my time, but TWNAH is just hot garbage, IMO.

At least we can both still agree that So Far, So Good...So What! is the best Megadeth album!
Marty is just awesome! One of my top 5 guitarists. Specially his playing in Rust In Peace I really like. Kiko and Broderick are just as good, Kiko has got that chutzpah that gives him an extra edge. I find Broderick, pretty much a guitar wizard. While I'm not a player myself hence I couldn't really get into the technicalities of Poland's jazz-based playing. But he comes up with some really cool ideas, esp. in Peace Sells album. I find Glenn similar to Broderick, maybe just not as technical but I really like the songs from United Abominations hence he is above for me. The album Al Pitrelli played on, may not be the best but he is still a good enough player. Must check out Rude Awakening live album to see his chops (the She-Wolf live version though!). Jeff Young pretty much does the job... So Far, So Good though remains a classic.
The World Needs A Hero is absolutely abysmal.
Won't call it abysmal, just not the best in the pack. I still like the 'shred-battle' part in Return To Hangar, Dread and the Fugitive mind and hell even Moto Psycho is enjoyable.
Thirteen and Super Collider are far worse.
No sir, Thirteen is just based. It has good enough songs. Deadly Nighshade is one of my favourite 'deth songs.
Having Mustaine in Italy, LoMenzo in US, Dirk in Belgium and Marty in Japan sounds like a logistical nightmare hahaha.
This feels like one move away from solving Rubick's cube.

Megadeth is such a weird phenomenon. I might be biased because I was really into them at one point, but I don't see any other band having this many ups and downs. When I got into Megadeth, thing were going up (United Abominations, Big 4 tours, Endgame). Then came 13, SuperCollider, Broderick and Drover jumping the ship. And I think they were done at that point.
But then Kiko came in and they made best thrash album since the 90s and a Grammy win and so on. They were on the right track. But then Mustaine got sick and then I thought it was done.
But, thankfully, he got rid of the cancer and talked about touring so I thought they are "back" again. But then they also opened for 55DP. OK, it might be going better.
But then Ellefson fucked up.
But we got the new album up.
But the artist wasn't payed.
But Marty did a couple of songs with them.
But then Kiko jumped ship.

Honestly, Mustaine has enough material here for another biography (the one I've read ended in 2010).