Maybe it's just me then! Granted, it only works from certain angles and whatnot, the resemblance is quite non-existent without a bit of "forcing it."

Pretty cool U.S. occult metal that sounds a lot like Countdown/Youthanasia-era Megadeth, but more technical. Just came out recently.

Ellefson states: "It's been a real blast […] There was an effortless synergy that came […] I'm looking forward to everyone checking it out!"
The moment I saw it I though about posting it here. There should be a whole thread for poorly-chosen words in Ellefson statements.
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WTF? Is this a joke? Oh man
I think 'the girl' will call him again


This whole Ellefson ordeal is like a magnificent car-crash. You don't want to look at it, you don't want to witness that ugliness, but your mind is playing tricks on you asking "How the fu** did that happen?!?!" and your eyes just keep skimming in that direction. The guy messed up so badly and is now trying so hard, somebody should advise him or put a filter on his social media or something. I'm afraid where this could end, really.

In other new, I don't like new Megadeth album title. Yeah, it's kind of a throwback to those first three albums, but it just sounds... corny?