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I just think, if this was me, I’d probably do the same. Dave is one of the most well-known rockstar Christians and Ellefson is a flipping pastor. Seeing him break the seventh commandment, thereby removing any façade that he had formed around his image, would make me question if I ever really knew my buddy, my bandmate, and it certainly would make working with him hard going forward. So I really don’t blame him in this.

But that’s just me.
I’d agree, but we’re talking Dave Mustaine here. He has spent the last 15 years “going against the grain” by identifying as a Christian. Ellefson has now threatened his image. Thus, Ellefson has to go. It’s always about Dave.
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Yeah, I find it neither shocking nor controversial. Its a no brainer. Like when cyclists or athletes come out and condemn drug cheats even though they are all doin the same thing. Its about perception an shit, not actual morals or principles. Probably.
Personally, I would have kept him in and made him perform in a cock costume and the rest of the band dress as school girls*

*I would only do this if it is found that the girl is of legal age. I am not making light of underage grooming. Although there are some good jokes on the subject.


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Megadeth is Mustaine. No other way about it. For some of the members through the years it may have been a very profitable band to play solos in etc. But for Dave - he is in on everything surrounding Megadeth, the budget, the promotion, touring... everything. Dave is the authority that needs to be there and making sure that you can't get away with being average in the band. This also comes back to Megadeth ten fold because Dave strives on bringing in new blood to the band, it makes him and Megadeth work harder. Dave gives 100% and expects that from everyone else. He wants the best for his band and the people in his band has to work and they know it - it's not their head that's on the chopping block, it's Dave's. The turbulent past in Megadeth has made him more assertive about his role in the band and that's what we're seeing in this case no doubt. Someone else´s fault is not gonna fall back on him and his band without consequences.

I’d agree, but we’re talking Dave Mustaine here. He has spent the last 15 years “going against the grain” by identifying as a Christian. Ellefson has now threatened his image. Thus, Ellefson has to go. It’s always about Dave.

Ellefson did sue Mustaine for $18,5 Million back in 2004 when Mustaine injured his hand and broke up the band in 2004. Not
very cool either.
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Ellefson went to Megadeth’s management and was advised that the situation would probably “blow over



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"While we do not know every detail of what occurred, with an already strained relationship, what has already been revealed now is enough to make working together impossible moving forward.”

:lol: Great choice of words...
It's a "stained relationship" too...


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Will Not Appear On Upcoming MEGADETH Album

"I just wanna thank you for all the kinds words and support as we get ready for this next tour and continue to hunt for a new bass player," the MEGADETH leader said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). "We are making progress. The record's being completed, and we're gonna have someone coming in in a couple of weeks to replace the bass tracks that we had. Which should be relatively quick because the person we're talking to is a stellar bass player. And hopefully this will be an ongoing thing after the recording. Or we will find someone prior to the recording that will be our permanent guy going forward."

Just…WHAAAAAT????? o_O o_O o_O

He deserves to appears on the album. He's a unique bass player and part of the blueprint in the sound of Megadeth is him.
What are you doing Mustaine??? Will you going to do the same as Ozzy and Van Halen, erase the names and even the pictures of the previous albums as well? Oh man, I'm very dissapointed on this decision. Ellefson worked hard and he was very proud on this record. It's Sad. This is another stick in the wheel in Ellefson life. I could understand dropped him from the tour, but this…
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The band must be named Dave Mustaine and his band instead of Megadeth

With this decision instead of forgive the bloody thing he just make the problem bigger with this constant news.
Now I'm thinking that the truly fans of Megadeth don't want this.
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Looking at it objectively I think it makes sense. If you can avoid it then there's no reason to have a fired band member figure on your new album when he is no longer part of the band. This makes all the sense in the world. Then there's the financial bit of it - Mustaine obviously don't want Ellefson to receive any more Megadeth $ on royalties and everything after his little "stunt"

IF Mustaine chooses to move forward with the bass player they've found (whom I can't wait to hear who is!) it also makes sense to let him come in and lay down the bass tracks - perhaps even put his own touches on it!

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It is disappointing because I was looking forward to that song that Ellefson wrote about Mustaine, but oh well. It’s definitely a decision that makes sense.


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Yep, and all of the revenge porn victims have themselves to blame as well. They should have thought of the consequences and should own up to it.


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Here's something unpopular.

If you shoot yourself and partner with an old school camera, someone steals the tape, they're the criminal, you're the victim.
If you shoot yourself and partner with a digital device you have full control of, with a recording program direct to disk, and someone steals the files, they're the criminal, you're the victim.

If you shoot yourself and partner via a social platform application on a device you don't control (90% of the cases, cellphone + Instagram or whatever), and it leaks out, there's crime to be dealt with on other side, but you're a 100% idiot.

David Ellefson, is, for all intents and purposes, an idiot.