Martin Birch passed away


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Rest in peace, Martin. You spent your life allowing all of us to hear the wonderful potential sounds of some of the world's greatest musicians.


After the war?
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Damn, that's a sad surprise.

R.I.P. and thanks for everything. I listened to al ums he did before I had even heard of Maiden.


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R.I.P. Martin Birch
I've always considered Martin as a Maiden member. I always missed him since he retired. THANK YOU MARTIN!
2020 sucks!

(As always no statement from Maiden site or social media, sad)
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The greatest producer of all time. Even before he was GOAT, one of the first heavy metal songs ever was dedicated to him.


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Thanks Martin for all the great work and making Iron Maiden sound the absolute best.
Amazing sounds and work, the best stuff from 70's and 80's still sounds so fresh and great.
The body of work from the Deep Purple days to further 80's with Iron Maiden (etc) really defined the sound of heavy metal as we know.
Iron Maiden never did even sound close to what they sounded with bad they never did anything after 1992 and Birch retirement.
Was it ever mentioned why Birch retired so early on?

RIP Martin Birch