make up a lie about the previous poster

Brigantium is an ancient sentient city buried three thousand meters below the surface of the ocean, who has managed to send electromagnetic beams to accumulate on this forum to seek information about THE IRON MAIDEN, an ancient stone statue that holds the key to its pending reemergence into the world at large.
If Magnus concentrates really hard, he can transform into...
Phantom is Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting teacher, who coached him on the set of Jingle Bells. It was through Phantom's guidance Arnold managed to do the line "put the cookie down" with the level of conviction and grace he did. I think I speak for the entire online population of Maidenfans when I say, thank you. You've truly made our lives better, and you'll be back.
Brigantium has a lovely collection of toenail clippings from all her family and friends that she uses for various arts and crafts projects.