make up a lie about the previous poster


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got this from the official forum make up a lie about the last person who posted quite  simple.
Suicidehummer is the ghost of someone who killed himself with a hummer.

I'm sorry, I got lazy.
SMX was indicted on charges of sexual molestation... thus the sinister part of his name. And the minister part, well you can see where I'm going with this...
Suicidehummer said:
SMX's avatar is a self portrait.

Not a lie.

I'm wearing my SBIT t-shirt today, with that Eddie on the back.
Today, my avatar is a close-up of my back!

hockeyguy666 loooves strawberry milk and drinks five glasses of it every day.
no5 was born with six toes on his left foot. They did immediate surgery to remove one, but the doctor botched it. So no5 has walked funny his entire life.