Lost In A Lost World


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One thing to notice. A long outro with several verses of sung lyrics isn't really something we've seen often from Maiden. Typically there's a line or two (like in Fear of the Dark, Brave New World or Paschendale) or a single verse (like in WTWWB and Empire of the Clouds). Here it is a significant part of the song rather than just a short outro.
Best part of the song for me. It feels completely fresh for Steve to do this.


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I can see why opinions on this songs are different. You know what else makes fans go into different camps? Majority of 90s Maiden. There is intro similar to "Omega" (Bruce solo, but it's still 90s), there is main riff from "The Fugitive", chorus reminds me on something from "X Factor" and I can swear I heard something from "Virtual XI" there (to lazy to look now).

"Lost in a Lost World" may not be one of my favorite songs from this album, nevertheless, I wouldn't feel right dissecting things I don't like about it. Especially, when some of those things can be said about other songs on "Senjutsu" that I adore. How can I say it's too long, when there are 2 longer songs that I like more? Disjointed? Half of this album looks like it's been edited with butcher's ax and I still find it amazing. Here what's this songs has going for it (except that beautifully melodic bridge that is perfectly repeated again as an outro when the song slows down but more on that later):

This song (and album, in general) is so fu**ing diverse I find it impossible to "hate" it. You can be fan of any Maiden era/singer/style and you can even say "new album suckz!!11" but it's impossible to hate on all the album. If they listen really closely, I believe that every fan of this band can say about certain part on this album: "OK, that was cool. I really like that." Looking back on reviews, most of them said "It needs several listens" and now I can see what they were aiming for. There isn't any certain direction, style or concept - just a collection of great songs. More so, even some of those songs "feel" like a collection of great songs. Same as this one.

I can say I'm a fan of chorus or the main verses, but that bridge man... Even if the whole song oozes with 90s Maiden, that part has something "Starblind"-ish that made me instantly in love with it. And outro - now that's a proper outro. Take a highlight from a song (the bridge) and reminds us at the end what is all about, but with finesse. Most importantly, it elevates the parts that I don't really like which makes me hesitant to say that this song is "bad". I can't puff and huff about chorus when I know what was before it and what waits at the end.

Just like some other songs on this album are so majestic that they elevate these "lesser" ones.
That's how good this album is.
This song starts off really promising with a really great and moody intro. Unfortunately that is the only part of the song I like.

The verse riff is really annoying and I can't stand the odd sluggish drumbeat that Nico plays. Everyone was going on about how great Nico was playing on this album. I dont hear it all. He sounds really uninspired. The chorus reminds me of the something from Virtual XI. Then we get another typical X-Factor celtic type riff in the middle of the song. I wonder how many times Harris is going to recycle those riff.
Man I can't stand this song. It would be better if they just left off the album. It took 6 years for them to release this album, and this is the best Harris could come up with. I can't belive this is the same guy who wrote songs like Phantom of the Opera and Seventh Son of Seventh Son.
What happened?

I remember being really disappointed by Fear of the Dark when it got released. I thought songs like Weekend Warrior and The Apparition was weak. Well compared to this song they are masterpieces.

I hate to be so negative but this song is not for me.



This song was pretty good on the first listen, but after a few more listens I've really come to appreciate this one quite a bit. The intro creates a lovely atmosphere and leads to some cool riffs during the verses. The chorus is one that's easy to get into your head and the melody during the bridge before the first chorus and is later revisited during the hauntingly gorgeous outro is one of my favorite moments on the album, gives me goosebumps every time. As an American, the lyrics are quite powerful and touching especially at the end if you know your history. Very well done song.


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I really like this one. It's a very classic Maiden tune and I absolutely love how reminiscent of TXF it is. <3
But I hate, hate, hate the intro. 6/10
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This song has one of the best intro/outro imo - it's so unique with the echo and the ''aah-aah'' part. It creates images in person's mind with its lyrics.

Also, the verses, the riff and the superb melodies are one of my favorites in the album.


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  • The intro is a rip off of about 3 different songs
  • The rythm and main guitar melody later on, is a rip off of TROBB and the various parts sound glued together
  • The chords under the chorus is something between 2 A.M., The edge of darkness and maybe most of the songs off TXF
  • The outro is completely unnecessary and long.
However this is a song that turned into a guilty pleasure of mine and somehow has a great emotional overall vibe!


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This has grown on me. Love the intro and outro. The ending is beautiful. Great instrumental section as well.


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That's why I didn't put this suggestion in the WOTW thread. LIALW, on the other hand, really could do with an energy injection