Lost In A Lost World

How good is Lost in a Lost World on a scale of 1-10?

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I rated it 6/10 first, but it's a grower and now it's a 7/10 for me. The intro is plain Pink Floyd which I like. What I needed to get used to is the typical and a little bit uninspired guitar theme reminiscent of the X Factor, but the vocal melody line lifts it and now I like it better. Overall, this was a grower for sure but I keep humming the melody from time to time so it should be good :)

Bruce's vocal performance elevates this song I think.
This was probably worst song on the first listen but man did it grow, intro and outro are mesmerizing, and there are really catchy melodies in the middle.
The verse has a nice rhythmic twist that makes it sound familiar but yet fresh. There is a bit of rehashing though:

There are parts where the vocal line sounds more or less like it was taken from The Man of Sorrows.
The mid part borrows heavily from WTWWB, as pointed out already.
This song is an unexpected grower for me. All the parts are actually very cool and they pop up in my head randomly all the time. Catchy! It's a little rough around the edges, but the ideas here are very good. Not sure about the details of the arrangement and the vocal performance (something about it makes me feel like I'm listening to a demo or a live version). I'm very interested to see how I feel about it after even more listens.

Also, I dig the mix of the clean part - here and on the rest of the album. I feel like it's much more in-your-face than on the previous records. Nice and full sounding.
The more I listen to this track, the more I'm sure that they should've cut 4:39-6:15 wholesale. Just get rid of all of it. It's very derivative and repeats too many times. The track would've been a lot stronger for it.
Also the lyrics are clumsy, but Bruce's performance is great and the melodies are great, so I don't care much.

EDIT: you know what, just so I don't get rid of new content, I'd take the riff from 5:00-5:10 and play it once as a bridge between the chorus and the first solo.
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On my first couple of listens this track made no impact on me beyond the beautifully hushed psych of the intro and i was preparing to relegate it to a second or third tier track, until i spent several hours last night unable to sleep as Bruce cried 'Lost in a Lost World!' over and over in my head. Somehow this tune turned into an unexpected earworm. Kudos to the boys
I like this song. The intro sounds like Pink Floyd. Then the song picks up speed. The guitars sound great. The vocals are amazing. The way Bruce sings the verses.... I love this "floats on the wind". I like the chorus quite a bit. What I find great are the riffs. Beautiful. I could listen to it on a loop. That's why I like the repetitions. I want to hear riffs like that from Maiden. The fact that another riff is played afterwards really brings energy. The song has a simple structure. But simply cool.
It's your standard Steve epic but with some neat new textures to it (the Floyd-ish acoustic opening, the choir of Bruces.) Took me awhile to warm up to and appreciate this one, but I quite enjoy it now.
Lost in a Lost World - 7/10 - This song is amazing until the chorus comes in. Had they built a song around the intros and outro this would have been a 9. The midsection feels a bit stiff and regurgitated from X Factor era material. The intro though is amazing (love the ahhhs) and the melodies are great.
Fantastic moody intro that segues into a pretty uninspired verse riff, but it's saved by a strong performance from Bruce. Typical guitar-follows-vocal-melody in the prechorus, I like it, but it seems to me that the guitar is too high in the mix which makes Bruce a bit hard to understand. A really strong and catchy chorus follows, and it's not just the title repeated four times! Nice melody in the instrumental section and I particularly like the faster one that breaks up the repetition a bit, then into two really nice solos. Then... fuck me, a key change? Crazy. The quieter repeat of the pre-chorus as the outro works much better here, Bruce is a bit more prominent and it's less predictable than a repeat of the strummed intro.

Overall I'd put it in the lower half of the album, but considering how strong this album is, that means very little.
One thing to notice. A long outro with several verses of sung lyrics isn't really something we've seen often from Maiden. Typically there's a line or two (like in Fear of the Dark, Brave New World or Paschendale) or a single verse (like in WTWWB and Empire of the Clouds). Here it is a significant part of the song rather than just a short outro.
Just imagine Lost In A Lost World with the chorus from Days Of Future Past. The result would be an instant classic.