Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)

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Batman said:
what reissue do I have then?!?

The different CD releases are simply summarised here. I haven't been able to find a more detailed collectors' discography that lists catalogue numbers etc. With that information you could find out for sure which reissue you have.
I love this song, probably my favorite instrumental. Steve really stands out on this one. I love the groove of this song, put me in a good mood every time I give it a listen. 9.


Твои карие глаза, твои сладкие уста

I always rate these songs on Maiden's scale, otherwise most songs would get 10 or 9.


Priest of the Holy Wristband
Marvellous instrumental. I wouldn't say it's my favorite, 'cos Genghis Khan is a musical trip in itself, but it's really one of the highlight of the album. The bassline is awesome, very dynamic and driving the song. I love the way the song is structured, with a kind of chorus, a solo, and a fantastic bridge after it. It's always a surprise to read that some people don't appreciate it. It's a real shame Steve has not written an instrumental since. When his solo album was announced, I had great expectations on the matter, but I was proven wrong. I'd like him to write a really long one.
This stands out as probably the best instrumental since Transylvania on the debut album. I do not understand why this song is so hated. I really think some just hate any and all instrumental songs. The song title made me chuckle too, "losfer words", get it? 10/10


While it isn't per definition bad, this holds nothing on the last two songs we heard.
The guitar work is okay on this one but the song seems to be without focus.
A few good part; especcially that one at 2:30, and the good production, saves it from a lower score.



9/10. I had a difficult time not giving this one a 10. This has always been my favorite instrumental song. The guitar riffs are fantastic, but I've never cared too much about the solo. The drums and bass are both great! This song really didn't need any vocals to be great and it's a good little rest on the album. I have heard the live performance on the Phantom Of The Opera live single and some studio outakes of the song that might even be better than the album version.


Ancient Mariner
Definitely the best Maiden instrumental track. The main riff is brilliant. But the solo section is a bit messy. And, a Maiden instrumental is never likely to get more than a...



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It's a fun little piece. Makes you wonder what more could have come of it. I think the riffs are delightfully tricky, so 7/10.


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This is the example of a 6/10. It's nice little track, but it feels like the middle of a much larger song (and it is!). Nice guitar work, but without an overall theme to picture, I can't do much more than go, yep, it's a track.


Ancient Mariner
3. A bad, repetitive tune that doesn't get enjoyable until 2 and a half minutes in - 2 and a half minutes that feel like they take longer than songs more than quadruple that length!



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clap hands

Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra) is the biggest disappointment on the whole album, even though it is still quite good. It’s simply not an incredible instrumental track. It sounds like it needs vocals. There are headbang-worthy riffs on display throughout but it is not up to par with their previous instrumental work. A vocal could have really helped this one justify its place on the album.


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Love this song, I consider it their best instrumental. On surface level it might seem like something they jammed together on in a few hours before committing to tape -and maybe it is- but clearly the band thought more highly of it than that because they put it as the third track on the album. After the more serious subject mater of 2MTM, I think this is intended as a needed moment of levity. But it also signals a greater direction for the album: Maiden still knows how to just have fun.

Now is probably a good time to remember where this album was made. This isn't a band sitting at a prestigious fancy recording studio near a library where they take time off to study ancient history and music theory. They're in the Bahamas during the summer near a 24 hour bar. They recorded several albums there, but I think the environment makes the biggest difference on Powerslave, the vibe just feels more loose on this album and there's a playfulness to many of the songs. You can hear the fun they had recording it. I think Losfer Words is a byproduct of that.

I love this song. I think it has some of the most memorable riffs and harmonies in the entire Maiden catalog. Solos aren't too shabby either. No vocals necessary.



Educated Fool
Their worst instrumental, but it's not too bad. great groove in the main riffs, and some solid McBrain drumming are found here to