Look For the Truth

How good is Look For the Truth on a scale of 1-10?

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Yes, Yes, Another Beer!
Another nice moody instrumental intro. Blaze sounds terrible in the soft part, with a very inconsistent, half-asleep delivery. He wavers all over the map while trying to hold the notes on "nightmare", "ends", "dream", and "men". At some points it's so awful that you can almost hear the frog crawling around in his throat.

More terrible whoah-oh-ohs (he should just stop doing these) give way to a halfway decent verse on top of a catchy march. Blaze's vocals are still inconsistent here, but nowhere near as bad as the intro. The chorus is bland, but OK.

The "yeah" going into the soft interlude seems really out of place. The brief instrumental leads into a forgettable initial solo and a much better second solo.

More awful whoah-oh-ohs and the song is finally put out of its misery without a circular ending.

Definitely a contender for the worst song on the album. If it didn't have some redeeming instrumental parts I would have gone even lower with my rating. 3/10.


I love the lyrics of this song, even if they weren't that well performed. In any case the instrumental parts make it easier to get through the whole song. I don't mind the whoa-oh-ohs until they start getting repeated towards the end. 6/10

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
A nice quiet beginning opens the song. Blaze makes a blunder in the first line, but I can overlook it. It builds up into a "whoa-oh-oh!" section which I personally like a lot. The verses are thrown together and the lyrics aren't the best, but I like the song anyway. It's the weakest on the album, but like "Man on the Edge" integral to the complete make-up. 7


Out of the Silent Planet
LFTT has one of the most amazing intros that I've ever heard. The quiet beginning is very good too. Good verses/pre-chorus and the ''oh-oh'' chorus is not bad. Great ''celtic'' twin guitar harmony. After the solos, the song ends with repeating the chorus. 6/10.
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Educated Fool
The lyrics of this song deal with its civil war
against his fears and traumatic experiences as well as
determination and combativeness needed to overcome them and
do not allow them to be an obstacle to its development.