Look For the Truth

How good is Look For the Truth on a scale of 1-10?

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The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
Another great song. Fantastic dark intro (I like the sounds of the lead guitar in this part a lot) and great melodies. The "oooooo" part is simply amazing. I think that's the best performance of Blaze in his Maiden career. Another underrated one. 9/10.

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Intro is kinda boring, but like maidenhead1996 said, that "ooooo" part is amazing. Blaze sounds really good on this song. 7/10.


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I like the bouncy vibe of this song, but jeez...that chorus is terrible. The intro is torturous. Verses are alright. Filler.
Probably the weakest song on the album if you ask me, but it's still damn good. The clean intro is pretty pointless, but I love the self-honest lyrics as well as the "Oooooh oh oh". Solos are really good, but then it starts to drag. It's decent, I'll give it a 6.


The intro is so similar to the last song that it's almost irritating. The saving grace here is that the vocal melody is better and seems really passionated.
The verse starts and the instrumental is quite boring but Blaze continuing to sing with so much passion and makes up for it.
The first part of the instrumental passage in kind of boring but the solo that kicks in at 3:58 is really cool and well done, especially the harmony at 4:17.
The ending drags to much, should have been a chorus instead of a singalong section.

Have the same feeling as I had after Fortunes Of War, several cool passages and parts but the song as a whole isn't great.



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Really like the intro.The guitar chord progression and melody after that are almost identical to Greek traditional music.....I almost danced to it once.Not my cup of tea.
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Ancient Mariner
The intro is somewhat lacking after FoW, but when the song gets started, it's great. Passionate vocals with an excellent Ooooh Oh Oh part. A good solo section too. Nothing mindblowing here, but a solid track.


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I think I would like the song even more if it didn't come right after Fortunes, to which it sounds somewhat similar, IMO. Either switch it with another track or stick one of the B-Side between them at least. But I still like it - the melodies are quite beautiful. 7/10.


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I love how this starts off with a bass melody. I love how bass driven this album is in general. I agree with Judas that it starts to sound same-y after Fortunes (Aftermath too for that matter), but I've made peace with that. Yea they could've tracked it better, but it is what it is. I think this intro is far more captivating than the intro. Blaze gives a solid performance. He sounds a bit flat, but he makes up for it with his great delivery and build up. Lots of tension there.

I forgot how great the chorus to this song was. Really interesting lyrics too. Love the guitar melody that starts off the instrumental. So many melodies on this album that you can sing along to, despite its dark brooding reputation.



The verse and bridge is probably Blaze's best vocal performance. The power of the vocals and guitars during the "monsters of men" bit is immense.

The "oh ohhhh" chorus is.....ok. Then it all seems to go nowhere. Shame



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This is a song that seems better when part of an album. Which, I think is important, but if you're a younger chap listening on Spotify, it could kill your groove. I like it more than Fortunes of War. 7/10.


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5/10 candles Blazing nearer to being snuffed.

Look for the Truth is mostly a mid-tempo song, but it once again opens with an extended intro of clean guitar and bass fills. Blaze gives this song his all, but it’s just not a very good song. Once the rhythm picks up, a spatter of “oh-oh-oh’s” and a wordy chorus drive the song and it sounds a bit more Maiden-y once the guitars get fired up.

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It's an all-right song, but nothing special, except for the 'oh oh oh's, which are great. They elevate this one to a 7/10.

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Here we have one of Maiden's best quiet intros. Touching, haunting lyrics sung over a very strong (albeit not really great) instrumental. I particularly like the bridge between the second chorus and the solo, at 3:30 going on to 3:49. It's a really great melody and one of my favorite moments on a Maiden song. My only gripe here is that it's too happy-sounding (apart from the intro) for the lyrics. For that, I'll bring this down to a 7.


The intro is too similar to the previous song, and it’s not enjoyable at all. The rest of the song is decent, and quite catchy. 6/10