Lightning Strikes Twice

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Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

Boy, are opinions ever spread out on this one.


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Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

7/10. It's OK. Just another one of those tracks that just sort sits in the background for me. I like this album and would never skip this track (or any, for that matter).


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Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

7/10 from me, I've always liked this song.  Love the intro, the versus don't bother me, the chorus could have been better, and the solos are pretty good.  And again, they cram a lot into a 5 minute song.  Was good live too.  One of the highlights on VXI for me along with Clansman.

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Great song. Another amazing intro from Dave Murray, what an atmosphere it has ! Great riffs, great melodies, great performance from Blaze and a fantastic solo. One of the highlights of the album. 9/10.

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Great intro. I think that Blaze sounds way better on VXI than on TXF, and it's noticeable on this song. Fantastic chorus. I don't like some of the riffs on the verses that sound too "rockish". 7/10.

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Personally, this is my most favorite song on the album. Even though it's a bit simple instrumentally, I still love how it sounds and Blaze just rules on it! 10/10


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This is my fave song from "Virtual XI", and is actually one of my all time fave Maiden songs. The song has Davey written all over it, so it's not surprising to find that he had a hand in writing it! The intro is simply sublime, with the clean guitar, which actually brings to mind some light rain... or the calm before the storm. Add in Dave's atmospheric melody, and Blaze singing "I feel the breeze on my face in expectance, not very long, before the storm reaches here..." and the the stage is set for something spectacular. Then the heavy riff comes in, which perfectly compliments Blaze going on about "roaring of thunder", and "crashing clouds that hold fear". lol Playing the intro melody again was a great move, as when the main riff of the song crashes in, it has maximum impact. :)

A lot of people have complained about the lyrics being "simple", but it's not like they're silly or stupid, and they suit the fast pace of the song very well. Davey's solo in this song is one of my top 10 solos from him, and it is fittingly, an electrifying one! I'd really love them to play this one live with Bruce, I think it would go down a storm!


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The main riff is cool, the verse is alright, Dave's solo is cool, but the chorus is bad. The prechorus is terrible. Wtf is Janick doing in his solo?!

Has a really fantastic intro and I love Blaze's timbre in the first verse. Second verse (As the ominous light draws near...) is a bit boring and bland, but the catchy chorus and Davey's amazing solo bring this up a lot. Janick's solo is...well....interesting?


The intro guitar melody sounds so good to my ears. Good verses and great vocals by Blaze here. The energy kicks in and the song rocks. The chorus is great and I don't experience it as repetitive like some of you have said. Janicks solo is cool in this one!



Agreed with your very positive comments. I disagree with your low grade.

Well, I don't consider 7 a low grade. 7:s are for my "great songs, like to listen to, but not up there with the best things the band have done" grade ;)

I really try to be careful with my ratings and I don't give every song the highest scores just because I like them. Therefore there are more dynamics in the scores and the songs that get full score becomes more special.


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Odd to read that 7(??) is a "great song"

No one said anything about "up there with the best things the band have done" or "full score". This is a scale from 1 to 10, and you have given 8's and 9's before.

I've seen less enthousiastic comments when you gave an 8. Are you sure this isn't worth more than 7?
To be clear: I find the 7 low in relation to what you've said about the song.


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I'm a low marker. I don't give 10 to anything (how can any song be perfect?) and 9 would have to be f-ing outstanding. The few I've marked have gone from 5-8.


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@Eddieson Compare what you wrote and awarded with Can I Play With Madness:

I think this song's got to much shit, as I think it's a good rocker with nice delivery from the band. Love the short but crazy solo, and the unusual and sometimes artistic vocal performance. The whole vibe on the song is nice. But I think its maybe the worst song on one of Maidens best album.


and Flight of Icarus:
Not totally sold on this one. The chorus don't do that much for me, and I have some difficulties for Bruce's Performance though out the song.
But the solos are good, and I like the lyrics. The outro is really cool to, when the guitars blend into the vocals.


Not an ounce of criticism on Lightning Strikes Twice (on the contrary: very positive!) and still the same grade.