Lightning Strikes Twice

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'lightning Strikes Twice'

I had read a blaze interview in which he said that they consiously tried to writye "simpler" and more accesible lyrics than the x factor's, to make the album more direct and not as dark. some songs really suffer from these "simpler" lirycs on this album, most noticebly this one! the lyrics really sabotage the quality.
'lightning Strikes Twice'

SEATTLE - "Lightning never strikes the same place twice" is one of weather's most famous legends, but it's completely false. Many tall buildings are struck by lightning several times a year -- sometimes even in the same storm.

To that end, the Space Needle has 24 lightning rods on the top of the Needle (well, 25 including the tower itself) to channel lightning's energy into the ground and away from anything important. As one of the tallest spots in Seattle, it certainly attracts its share of lightning.

The Empire State Building in New York City is struck around 100 times a year, on average. The building is even designed as a lightning rod to keep lightning away from other buildings.
'lightning Strikes Twice'

I agree that the lyrics are quite accessible, but this also makes the song seem rather dull and uninspired. And the endless repetition of the chorus at the end wasn't necessary.
'lightning Strikes Twice'

[!--QuoteBegin-MigDaimon+Jul 7 2004, 06:58 PM--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE(MigDaimon @ Jul 7 2004, 06:58 PM)[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--QuoteEBegin--]I have a question. Why does lightning never strikes twice ? Is that true at all ?

It depends on how you look at it. The idea turned up when there were no buildings tall enough to absorb lightnings, so lightnings usually struck trees, which were destroyed after that. So, to the people who came up with that rule, it was true. Today, it is no longer true.
'lightning Strikes Twice'

To go waaaay back to the "lightning striking twice" debate, you just have to look at physics.

Although modern buildings are an exception (and I will explain why), in the past it would become very difficult for lightning to strike the same point twice. Lightning is simply electrons that build up as clouds rub against each other (like static fact...EXACTLY like static electricity). As these massive amounts of electrons build in a cloud, protons within the earth are attracted to them. They climb up towards the sky using the path of least resistance (like a tree, or a person holding a golf club), and when the attraction is great enough, the electrons come down in a bolt of lightning.

The electrons and protons come together and neutralize the attractive pull of each other (as well as usually destroying the thing the lightning hits). Thus, that area of ground no longer holds enough free protons to attract lightning. There will, however, be other areas that are still charging their protons, so when the next bit of electrons in the sky builds...

Modern buildings almost always have lightning rods attached to them. The purpose of a lightning rod is to get hit by lightning. They provide a metal route into the ground, insulated like high-voltage wires. This gives the protons a very good way to get very high in the air. A lot of protons can thus swiftly get up hundreds of feet. They attract more lightning strikes than the building would normally, but they almost always channel the energy into the ground, where it can't do damage.

Hope this clears things up, I didn't touch on everything, but it's a basic reasoning.
'lightning Strikes Twice'

Well, the structure of the music compliments the lyrics, so that pretty much forgives them for their simplicity as the music gives images of calm and destruction and also total madness as reflected in Janick's solo.
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One of the first Maiden songs I really got into. Yes, simpler, but it was one of the ones I found on Napster back in the day when you had to download single songs at 2.4 kbps and was able to get my hands on. It goes at it hard. Blaze isn't spectacular on this track, but I do love it. Perhaps if this was one I had heard later, it'd be a 5 or 6; here it is a 7.
Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

The first half has good melody and decent vocals to follow it, but the second (maybe lightning shwikesshwikes!) is just...  -_-

Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

Now we arrive at the highlight of this album. This song has Blaze's best performance, maybe even of his whole career. The way he sings that intro, and especially how he does ...It takes me back to my childhood again .. is mindblowing.

Live he couldn't do the chorus, but he nails it pretty well here. Really cool how you can hear with how much spirit Blaze sings those fast couplets -> especially these ends of the sentences. E.g.:

.. in the park
... ...
.. flash lights dark

Naturally, the music helps too. We're used to fine intros when Dave co-writes songs and this is no exception. What a strong melody that lead guitar is. I have read some bad reviews when it comes to this album's sound but when I hear this song, I must protest: the guitar sound is very warm and also fat. Very rich and raw sounding at the same time as well. It sure helps making this song pretty heavy. On top of that we get its excellent melodic side, and that's why this is one of the finer gems of the Blaze period, which I will cherish forever.

Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

Ooooh! This song is really amazing! 9/10

And I would kill for a live version with Bruce's voice.
Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

One of my early favourites from the album. I still love it very much. A great, melodic track that shows what an amazing singer Blaze really is. 10/10.
Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

9. Wonderful intro, great kick in your face type of verse, a song that has a great emotional charge and, once again, mind blowing solos and melodies. Blaze sings in powerful and convincing manner, though his lack of stamina to finish the chorus phrase is laughable, specially live. Love this song! :edmetal:
Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

6 out of 10... Good intro and a strong beginning, but it all goes to hell for me with the chorus. It has never worked for me from the first time I heard it.
Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

I love this song. Like  Sheytefan, It was an early favorite. I love the guitar in the intro and the Blaze is really good in the chorus. 10/10
Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

I’m not a Blaze hater. I think I’ve yet to criticize a performance of his on this poll. But I am surprised so many of you find his voice to be a highlight of this song. I hate it here. It grates, particularly on one of Maiden’s worst choruses. This is where you see signs he was in over his head. As for the song itself, the fast verse, the slow intro and the solos all have some appeal, but the build and pacing falls flat. Definitely one of the band’s lesser efforts. Five.
Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

Apart from the chorus, which I don't think is sung well (and which wouldn't be that great no matter who sang it anyway), this is a great song. The intro is sweet, the buildup which we have become used to by now (intro, clean verse, heavy verse) works well and I really dig the solos.

Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

The intro is one of the most beautiful and moving pieces of music they've ever written. And it just goes up from there, culminating with Dave's insane solo. Chorus is repetitive but not annoying, and there are only two of those. The fact that first is followed by amazing instrumetnal section and second by one of their best outros, helps alleviate the boringness of repetitive lines in chorus. So it comes down as not boring at all  :D

Anyways, one of my top 3 Blaze tracks and for sure in top 5 of the whole '90s. Fat fucking ten.
Re: Daily Song: Lightning Strikes Twice

9. I love this whole song except the chorus "maybe lightning STRIKESTWICE!!!"