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Tonight, I am a happy man. Back in 2012, the first year where I was a season ticket holder, was also the last season where Fredrikstad FK were in the top flight of Norwegian football. Since then, I have witnessed everything from promotion play-offs being lost on penalties, to relegation to tier 3 and staying there for three seasons. Getting back to 2nd tier during Covid restrictions, with only 600 in the stands

And this year ... finally! With four games remaining, we've clinched promotion and will once again be where I like to think we belong. Only one defeat in the first 26 games of the season.

It feels good.
Great that you don't support the top dogs. The only pleasure left in football is supporting local, unknown teams.
I can assure you that within Norway, Fredrikstad is not an unknown team. They used to be the best team in Norway ... when my dad was a young boy :innocent: 9 league titles, but the last one in 1961. 11 cup titles, only two in my lifetime (but I was at the final when they won the last one, in 2006)
Yes maybe wrong choice of words, enter successful teams instead. I have lived in Athens for years but in Piraeus only briefly for 2 -3 months back in 2008. Yet I support Olympiacos since ~1982.
In theory, I'd like to support a local team but I don't care enough to change any more. And strangely enough, while I don't mind if Olympiakos is winning or loosing, I still enjoy when Panathinaikos is loosing :D

This is interesting. It's the entire 2001 Chile gig in good quality. I skipped through bits and pieces of it right now, and Bruce wears a vest with a camera attached to him on and off throughout the gig, and Dave has got a camera mounted to his guitar every now and then. I'm thinking this was for some closeup shots for the RiR DVD, as they didn't want the guys to have cameras attached to them at that gig (would definitely ruin the full body/full stage shots for one).
I really hate it that people put their birth year in their e-mail address. I now have students who were born after I joined this board.
Went to the doctors the other day and while I was waiting for my apointment a young kid came in. Went to the receptionist to deal with his appointment, was asked about his birthday and he, almost in a sing-song voice, said "twenty oh-five, twenty oh-five" (as in 20.05.2005 in DD.MM.YYYY format).

My first thought was "damn, he probably loves talking about that any time that he gets".
My second thought was "wtf are you doing walking around like that, you're supposed to be a toddler!" lol