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Sorry, back in Perun's day, infosec was done by killing anyone who might leak information. He's not very good at it anymore.
Apparently a wasp’s butt can still sting you if it’s separated from its head. A wasp was getting aggressive yesterday so I sliced it in half with a glass. The two halves fell on the floor and when I picked up the stinger part with a handkerchief, I got stung right in the middle of my index finger. Even in death all it wants is to hurt, the hideous creature.
Even in death all it wants is to hurt, the hideous creature.
I’m being a little silly but I’m also tired of people assuming that because certain wasps are more aggressive than other insects that they provide no use for the environment. In fact, they are incredibly important as pollinators and pest control among other things. I’ve also read stories where they have gotten adjusted to the behavior of the people whose house they’ve nested in, and realizing over time that the humans don’t pose a threat, will actually become friendly with them. They are an incredibly unique group of insects, too — some of them don’t even have stingers! Always remember that as much as a wasp sting may hurt, the intention was not there to cause pain. As with all wildlife, stay respectful and it will usually respect you back. Your case may be one of self-defense, but too many people go on the offensive when it isn’t necessary. In this household we stan all the little creatures. As long as they aren’t ticks or mosquitoes. Fuck them bugs.
I was being tongue in cheek too, I know it’s not anyone’s sole purpose to hurt others. By the way, there’s a wasp nest in the corner of my room and its inhabitant has been flying around the place for some time. It didn’t bother me until last night when it started getting a bit too aggressive (or maybe it wanted to hug) so I decided to get rid of it, after trying to just “throw” it outside. I’m generally not as terrified of them as most people. I’ve even let wasps walk around on my tongue for jokes. Also, I don’t believe in killing things the first moment you see them. Like when I see a spider, I’ll trap it under a glass, slip a paper underneath and toss it out of the window. I was just surprised that the wasp’s stinger still worked in that situation, although I sensed it coming, hence the handkerchief. It made me think: “Wow, this organism has developed a defense mechanism which lets it sting its enemy even after it has been torn apart.”
I was there, yeah, and so was most of the BG metal community. Back then, it was the biggest Sodom gig ever, and I don't know if they ever surpassed it afterwards.
Last year, on the very same day 31 years later (was supposed to be 30 years later but covid and all), they had a great gig in Sofia again. And they were even better than in 1991, not everybody can boast that.
Sodomy And Lust was one of the CD's in the collection from my dad's store when it went out of business back when I was about 15. Some crazy kick ass stuff for sure!