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So I got a ticket for Electric 6 in Belfast. 20th anniversary tour of their classic album. Its the night before The Darkness play a show of their 20th anniversary of their classic album. That will be a fun weekend. Both bands and albums that I love. Mayhem is guaranteed.

But but but, I've just found out that Blind Guardian are playing Dublin and it's sold out. This pains me. Also missed out on British Lion in the Cart & Horses. Sad fuckin times yo.
Electric Six play a belting show start to finish. I saw them in between two Maiden shows in the summer, turns out Electric Six as mad and sweaty as the O2
Happy birthday to @argyris and @SirRobbins!

(also, happy birthday to @Perun, I'm just a bit late)

I hope you all had, or will have, a fantastic birthday!