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Thank you, thank you! :clap:

As for the celebration, let me put here my favourite metal discovery of the past year. Even my usual eloquence fails me when I try to describe this probably basic, stupid, generic power metal track that nonetheless warms my heart in an unexpected way.

(heh, it's the main riff and the pre-chorus, definitely)

(sorry for the rather generic discovery - metalwise, I've been listening mostly to power metal this past year and I already know lot of the best stuff there :D )


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Maiden went from having one of the most technically gifted lineups in hard rock (Dickinson-Smith-Murray-Harris-Burr) to having perhaps the most critizised lineup in music (Bayley-Gers-Murray-Harris-McBrain). It always seemed to me as if the band choose personality before technical skill. I love Maiden but they have such a strange approach to choosing new members.


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Shouldn't rise to that, but I'm going to. <_<

You're only really talking about Blaze and Janick there, as Steve and Dave had been there since the beginning and lots of people found Nicko a superior drummer to Clive. It's also not really a "strange approach" to choose personality over skill, of course they'd want someone in the band that they all liked and gelled with, why would they want someone who's technically brilliant but also a complete arsehole? The band knew Janick before he joined Maiden, as he'd played with Ian Gillan and on Bruce's first solo single/album so he was a natural fit, they also knew Blaze from playing with Wolfsbane. Also, what about Adrian? He wasn't that "technically skilled" when he joined Maiden (at least not as skilled as Dave, or as he would become) but he had history with them so he was also a natural fit.