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It wouldn't be necessary if people with more money than they can spend would invest it instead of hoarding it on the Caymans.

Then again, none of this would be necessary if we realised that we've been off the gold standard for 50 years and we can treat money differently. MMT FTW!


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Sometimes corporate business is like this. Like football players or rock stars. You may make loads of money quickly. And frankly there's nothing wrong with that, quite the opposite.
Why having negative feelings about someone's early retirement? I chose to be inspired by such stories.


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Congrats @Jer I will be a bit beyond you, but planning on retiring between 55 and 58 depending on how a few things work out. Kids are essentially through school (at least I have it paid for). Not getting divorced a long time ago or not having kids would have gotten me to retirement around 45-ish .. but good tradeoff (the kids part) in my book. In any case, really looking forward to it and doing a ton of travel/working on some hobbies/interests


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Poland, Łódź
Haven't been to Poland yet, regrettably. But the very first book I read on my own was Przygody i wędrówki Misia Uszatka (the Bulgarian translation obviously
) plus, as I've mentioned here before, the first metal record I ever owned was the Polish licensed release of Crossfire's Second Attack, bought to me by my mum from the Polish cultural centre in Sofia in 1986 or 1987 (which I suspect she still regrets).
There are of course other and more serious aspects in which Poland was significant to us in the Eastern Bloc but that's two of the things I tenderly remember.


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I´ll be lucky if I can retire at age 65.
20 years to go. I´m 10 years at my previous job.
Not sure I will at all. State pension age, if it still exists, is already up to about 67, and I don't trust that still to be around, or be enough to pay for basic living costs, by time I reach 67. Work pensions are a low return savings scheme and a bit of a joke for most workers, if they have them at all. Apparently we're all supposed to have got on the property ladder in our 20s, at which point half of our income was going on rent and the other half was going on bills.


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Which reminds me, years ago, Mrs. M (who's a very, very good driver, I hasten to point out), driving a freshly rented Škoda in Edinburgh, me mildly mentioning the speed limit, and her being sure she was below 15, mph presumably, knowing that a mile is more than a km but not how much exactly.
Thing is, Škoda's tachometers are, or were, RPM x100 rather than x1000... not to mention the dashboard position in the first place.


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I was driving a friend's vehicle once, but forgot she was an American and the speedo was in mph. I was doing 80 mph in an 80 kph zone. Eeek.