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I would love if Maiden re-release all their (CD) albums as a Deluxe Edition (book) like for TBOS album, Live Chapter and Nights Of The Dead.

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What would be a good Primordial album for me to start with?

Depends on what kind of introduction you'd prefer.
If you want an early variated album which already has most of their trademarks, and follow their evolution afterwards, start with A Journey's End.
If you want a really-in-your-face-one, try Spirit The Earth Aflame (my favourite btw).
To The Nameless Dead and Where Greater Men Have Fallen seem to be their most popular ones with peeps not too much into extreme metal, and they're great indeed.
Storm Before Calm is an underrated opus with some fantastic stuff on it, The Gathering Wilderness has one of their greatest songs ever but little more, and Exile Among The Ruins is an album I loved immediately but my impression is that it might be more for old fans like myself.
Imrama is a great album too, featuring their only song in Irish but I'm not sure it's the one to start with in 2021.

What say you, @karljant , @Night Prowler, @Perun , and all Primordial fans lurking on this forum?
I got into them with To the Nameless Dead. I was hooked pretty much right away.

Yeah, what Magnus said, I agree that Nameless Dead is probably their most favourite album overall, it also got me into them like Perun and to this day is probably my favourite record of theirs, with Spirit the Earth Aflame and Exile Among the Ruins fighting for the second place.

I even like Imrama, actually more than some other albums of theirs (specifically probably more than Wilderness and Redemption), but I agree with Magnus I wouldn't probably start with it, unless you already intend to go through the rest of their discography chronologically.

And - IMHO, of course - all of their albums are at least good, if you're in for what they're offering at least somewhat.


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Whereas I'm working on a translation of a book from the 40's, set in the 20's, have my comfy slippers and checkered pajamas, drinking weak spritz and slowly preparing to go to bed.

Man, you're making me feel too old. Need to go on the town, check out some of the local speakeasies and flirt with some dolls. Put on the spats, dust off my fedora and have a hot time swingin! Those are all still the thing, right?

(EDIT: The book is set in the 20's at Oxford, so the previous paragraph's not a case of my personal and (semi-)professional life clashing.)
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One of the best anthems ever, minor key for the main theme, can't get more metal than that
Intro to Blackened uses the same notes - coincidence? I think not.