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I just saw that the Academy Awards were last night. Is that even still a thing?
It is, and hilariously so. They rearranged the usual schedule so they could do Best Actor last and honour Chadwick Boseman, but apparently a bunch of people lied to the central committee about who they had voted for and said they voted for Chadwick but actually picked Anthony Hopkins. So when Hopkins was announced as the winner, he wasn't even there. Since he had also heard Chadwick was supposed to win, he had logged off of the virtual event and gone to bed.

Huge self-own.

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After two aerobatics flights in two days, I have now scheduled a third - this one will be with the chief instructor! I was warned by my main instructor that he is very picky and that it is not unusual having to fly two trips with him, so it's not a given that I'll secure my rating tomorrow. But it's getting close!


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Now there's a market for you right there. But you have to play your cards right, and marketing is your friend there.

But how Yax, HOW can I possibly make an awesome, epic METAL marketing stunt here? Two words. King Diamond. Yes, King Diamond is going to be your brand ambassador, obviously in full paint gear, it might involve a concept album about evil eggs, and I'm thinking an Instagram page, Youtube shoutout vids, and a series of commercials.

This is going to be YUGE.

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I remember when we were gonna cover this song…
I remember everything.
I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday.
I was barely nineteen, and you guys all said you were going to cover “Out of the Silent Planet”.
I don’t remember if it was to be sung in the original key or lower, but I do remember that the pandemic was supposed to give everyone all the time in the world to pull off the project.
I don’t remember if it was to be sung in the original key or lower, but I do remember that it never got off the ground.
Dreams of desolation indeed.


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Here's one godlike performance from Bruce. This was done 2 hours into the set.

This dude was untouchable in late 90s into the early 00s.

That's one of my absolute favourite Maiden bootlegs. The band were on fire but at the same time also quite chill, giving of a really pleasant atmosphere. Very similar to how I saw them in London in December 2006, it seems that London gigs in the holiday season give them a sort of homecoming feeling.