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Not true - Steve likes them :)
Well, Maiden did cover Beckett's Rainbow's Gold in 1984, and even credited them for once on the 2 Minutes to Midnight B-side ;) Steve's idea I'm sure but I guess the other members liked the song too...

Beckett on the Old Grey Whistletest performing above said song...

Oh and I like them as well! A lot of Zeppelin worship here, but they know how to play and arrange their stuff.

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I don't want to belittle Beckett who are obviously not bad, nor do I hold any grudges due to recent legal stuff, but damn they are very very generic. Even if you don't immediately accuse them of being blatant Page, Plant and Blackmore stage copycats, just take a listen at that solo. Then take a listen on Maiden's version.

Song style, funky vs. heavy metal can be debated. The loose drum groove and loose riffs compared to Maiden, can be attributed to fits-the-genre difference. Vocals too. But damn that solo really shows why those two guys are unknown while Adrian Smith is a metal legend.


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Isn't the 1974 Beckett "solo" more of a guitar figure/theme while Adrian is pullling out the full 80's shred because well.....we're in 1984 by then :shred:

I don't think Beckett were even trying too hard at doing a solo, but I agree it looks bad against one who was :D
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Unrelated to anything, but I just found that WizzAir does direct flights from Copenhagen to Sofia three times a week for around 100 Euro return (for the upgraded seat). I wonder if this will one day become relevant to my interests.