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Women of Maidenfans, please tell me if my feelings on this are understandable.

Colleague had her period and leaked into her pants but doesn't wanna go home and is sitting and walking around in stained pants everywhere. And she's wearing white-ish/blue-ish pants.

EDIT: So weirded out that I forgot to write my feelings on this. And they are: it's weird af.
I've had worse. Would you like me to tell you about it??

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I'm at home too. Drinking a local stout from Maine currently. It is quite good and vanilla-y but not as strong as I thought it'd be (6.5%). Gf suggested we do a wine and cheese night tonight. We don't usually get this *ahem* classy, so I'm excited. I'm going to drink wine out of my Sam Adams glass because I like the dichotomy. I just bought a few cheeses at the store. Typical stuff. Block of sharp cheddar, block of colby jack, some goat cheese... Can't complain. Might play Dark Souls in a bit to pass the time until she gets home.