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We've talked a little about GOT on here before...Would have been cool if a thread would have been started right from the beginning of the first season, bit late now? :D
Whenever Lady Melisandre talks about the lord of light, Iron Maiden's lord of light starts playing in my head. Seeing game of thrones from the beginning makes me wish HBO didn't give up on the show Rome , I loved that show.
This season in particular has raised a lot of criticism from people who've read the books. The deviation from the book is really, really big.
But to all who haven't read these great books, that will not be a problem. Actually, you probably might enjoy the show more.

Better advice: read the books. ;) It is not typical fantasy literature. There are fantasy elements, but most of it is the struggle between different houses in some sort of medieval setting. The huge strength of it is the intrigue and the characters (some of the best characters (descriptions) in any book I've ever read), and sudden changes (and killings ;-) ).
That was actually what put me off it initially, I was fully expecting pseudo-historical, rather than fantasy. Having stumbled across so many spoilers it doesn't seem worth starting with it now, though.
If you expected a minimum of fantasy, then your expectations were wrong (or misinformed).

The series only focus on some highlights and skip a lot of other storylines (and lands and folk).

What I really found odd, and somewhat difficult to handle is that some characters do different things in the series from books. I know of at least one character who died in the series but not in the book. Really, the series makers went really far with changing matters. I also know of a character that should be dead already according to the book but is still alive in the series.

Can't judge if there are too many spoilers but the book gives more. Besides quantity, it has different storylines, so it could still surprise you in some way.
GoT is great, not a 10/10 masterpiece but still a very enjoyable show. The characters are top-notch (hate ones, sympathize with others). There is unnecessary nudity and violence but that generally doesn't disturb me too much.
The killing of Meryn Trant in the last episode. How the fuck was he even alive after all that stabbing in the chest?
I've seen some episode of another show with way more excess of violence (the blood kept gushing all the time). Some Roman stuff. Horrid.
No, I didn't expect fantasy, that's what I mean. It was billed as being historical and didn't sound very convincing in that respect, which put me off.
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I like TFF, it was going to be pretty much impossible for it to match/top AMOLAD ... mostly it suffers a bit by comparison, but it is a very good album for sure
I never get sick of TFF. Such a super amazing album! And something unique about When The Wild Wind Blows for me is that it's a song that I didn't like at first until I really followed along with the lyrics. Usually, lyrics are a lot less important than the music for me, but with this one, the way the lyrics are sung fit the theme of the song SO well that it's the only way for me to appreciate it and it's definitely one of my most favorites on the album because of that.