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Ancient Mariner
I think they will reunite for something special, anything else.
No. I mean he won't be back.

I have a topic of discussion. Why is there a new article about KK posted every day? We never get new Iron Maiden articles.
Blabbermouth every day has a new paragraph of one of the sides. Blabbermouth is like the messenger so both sides known what says the other.
About Maiden: the answer is Rod (I'm tired of this absurd silence LOL)


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
It's every fucking day though.

I'm assuming a Blabbermouth reporter shows up to KK's house every morning and asks "What shitty thing can you say about your ex-bandmates today?"


Let's Get Volatile
For one thing, he might still be doing press for his book, so it's understandable that KK would be doing a new interview every day. Could also be that Blabbermouth is like Ultimate-Guitar, making multiple articles by only posting bits of one full interview.


Ancient Mariner
I understand that he wants boost the sales of his book. And for priest is good to boost the ticket sales of the tour. They want to stay at the metal news everyday. They do not want anyone to forget them.
Rob is writing his biography and I think he's going to destroy KK and after the sales of their respective books they will reunite XD


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Blabbermouth reporter

Asked in a new interview with Riff Magazine what his thoughts are on the possibility of Downing rejoining PRIEST, Hill said: "It's a difficult call."

Does he mean a "difficult decision", or that this possible outcome, namely: Downing returning, is difficult (improbable).

If the former: why would that be a difficult call? It gives some hope for a return, at least.

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After everything KK has said about his former bandmates I just can't see him rejoining. He's burnt his bridges and knew what he was doing.


Ancient Mariner

Q: The band officially turns 50 years old this year, so how are you celebrating?

A: I’m not at the moment. That’ll come next year; we’re planning on a celebratory tour next year. We weren’t actually known as Judas Priest in 1969. Ken Downing, myself and a guy called John Ellis formed in ’69, but we weren’t called Judas Priest, actually, until 1970, so we’ll start celebrating next year.

Fantastic, they would spend part of their 50th anniversary celebrations as Ozzy's support band! :lol:


Ancient Mariner
and Ozzy's celebrating his 5th decade ('singing' here and there). He's going to celebrate his 5th decade the next 10 years:facepalm:

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Pleb Hunter

Richie Faulkner responds to KK Downing's statement about Richie being on a salary:

"Regarding a recent untruthful article, I'm not sure why anyone feels they have the right to openly discuss others' financial standings, true or otherwise. This seems to be intended as a swipe at the band and an attempt to devalue my and Scott's position in the band.

For the record, I have not been paid a wage since 2012 and have always been given creative input in this band since day one.

So this is all cleared up then. I wish KK would stop badmouthing Judas Priest to journalists. It does him no credit at all. Retire with dignity old man.