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Crimson Idol

I've been to Download 5 times, camping isn't too bad but yes it does get very cold on a night. Infact the last time I camped we got sunburnt during the day and frozen during the night. If it rains, it will be muddy.. stage isn't always in the same place infact I think it's been moved past 3 times which is a shame as the original spot was a kind of bowl so you could sit up the sides if you didn't want to stand.

Depending on how I'm feeling as it gets closer I may go.. even if not, if anyone takes an extended trip to UK make sure to speak up.


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Crimson Idol --I kinda wondered about that. I was there back in 1996 & I totally recognise the "bowl" you're describing. I thought this worked really well, as you say --you could be miles back, but you were quite elevated & could see the stage really well. I remember sitting back on the grass, relaxing, eating a calippo, & watching Ozzy...


Ordering Download tickets through Vodafone in the pre-sale! Really excited for all the headliners and looks like QOTSA are on the bill too which suits me fine. I'm yet to see Rammstein live so it should cap a good weekend! I wonder if Maiden will play exactly the same setlist as the recent shows or add a song or two? I'd love to see Infinite Dreams again and I really hope Hallowed Be Thy Name returns. This could be the show for a DVD!!


Wonder what the chances are of them hitting up Florida next year like they've been doing the past few years? Where they give the entirety of North America a summer tour (minus Florida), but then on the next year's leg they usually have one or two concerts in Florida (usually right before going down to South America or across to Europe). Happened in both 2009 and 2011 now.

Reason I am wondering, and anticipating, is because me and a friend are planning a vacation to Florida next spring/summer. And we would definitely plan it in correlation to when Iron Maiden would possibly be there.

(Random question now: does anyone know exactly why Iron Maiden wait and play Florida until the later legs of the tour? Why not just do it when they're actually here in North America?)
Maybe the weather... they are old now, the weather change must affect them, and I think Florida isn't that different from Latin America, plus they almost always use it as a platform to fly to Europe...

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Donington, eh? Sounds good, but I'll wait for dates in central and northern Europe till I decide...

Just ordering my ticket now. Any lingering thoughts you may have about going to Donington will probably evaporate now: tickets are £200 (plus 20 quid for parking, another few for posting).:help2:

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Yeah, even for the whole festival it's quite a lot. For a three-day festival I'd expect that price in Norway, but I thought the price level would be somewhat lower in the UK.

What's the usual ticket price for Maiden shows (outside festivals) in the UK?

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It's usually about £45/50, which is roughly the same for the gigs I've been to in Paris or Germany.

But for festivals, I've only got comparisons with Sonisphere a couple of years ago - about £150 - and Wacken which was nearer 100 euros.


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Got my presale code, getting up at 10 am and buying tickets asap.
I was worried it'd collide with my field faunistics course that starts on July 16 BUT IT DOESN'T.
Is there a serious bid for doing another "European" Maidenfans meetup? :p


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So, there will be a Swedish meetup 100%? I'd like to join, especially if Perun and/or national acrobat are joining as well.
I'd like to buy a concert ticket, but only if this is going to happen.


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"field faunistics?"
(Sounds interesting. But I had to look it up) ;-)
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