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Donington, eh? Sounds good, but I'll wait for dates in central and northern Europe till I decide...

Hopefully it won't be just festival dates; I'm not too keen on doing more than one (or two) or those.

Donington works out really well for me this time. The festival just gone was the weekend before my exams so I couldn't go, next year it's the weekend after...and it's Maiden playing: perfect.

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I really hope they choose a better venue if they play Oslo - the one they played the last time (Telenor Arena) was an oven. Oslo Spektrum should be better (but it is smaller). In the summer, outdoor venues like Valle Hovin (where they played on the Somewhere Back in Time tour) are better.

But the main thing is, they will be coming to Norway ('Arry said so in an interview with a Norwegian paper, and I trust him on that) :). I'm really looking forward to this one. A tour centered around my favourite Maiden album!

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Dammit I hope they come here or to neighbouring countries in May instead of June. I'm prepared to go far away to see them on this tour, but exams are in June :(


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A friend and I are thinking about going to donington ( from Spain),but ive read many reviews of the "field" of donington park,and all they say is cold,wet,and far from any house.We are thinking about going to a hostel in donington.Any advice? anything we MUST know before start this madness?


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It's a racing course normally. When I was there it was scorching & there was no cold or wet (or racing). There wasn't a house either, come to think of it...:D

No, seriously, I bused it from Scotland (& back) in a day (~7-8 hrs? --I can't really remember), back in '96 --so I'm not sure what accomodation is near at hand, as I didn't stay down there. But I'm sure there's somewhere to stay reasonably close. It's less than 50 miles from Birmingham International Airport (--where you might be able to fly into from outside the UK). Birmingham being the UK's "second" city; or so recent news tells me...

Personally I think you'd want to get yourself on a organised bus, ferrying people to Donington i.e. they'll be buses specifically going there from Birmingham I'd suggest. I'm sure there'll be buses going there from London too. That way you don't need to bother about finding Donington yourself, just finding the bus (that will take you there) in whatever city you fly into; or arrive at, by bus...


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I joined the fanclub to get access to the pre sales. I'm not taking any chances. In 2006 and 2008 the tickets were sold within less than an hour (one of the years it took 15 minutes).


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No, not sure, but they have in the past. Besides, tickets tend to sell faster during history tours. Took quite a while to sell all tickets in 2010 and 2011.
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