Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations


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I heard a totally true not at all fake rumor that Rod is unhappy with the band's performance and how the album turned out, so he's hired Dennis Stratton, Doug Sampson, and Paul Di'Anno to come out of retirement to rerecord the album with Steve and Dave.
Is Dennis going to add some POTO style harmonies to every song? Or maybe they have recovered the harmonies that were taken off the song in the first place. I hope they use these on every song.


Ancient Mariner
• Announced 31 May 03
• Released Early Sep 03

• Announced June 06
• Released End Aug 06

• Announced June 10
• Released Mid Aug 10

• Announced June 15
• Released Early Sep 15
What month is it currently?


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I'm gonna laugh so hard if they announce next year that they're about to go to the studio and start working on album 17.
More importantly, what does Portnoy, Corey Taylor or Dee Snider think?
Speaking of Corey Taylor, is there any particular reason (other than brand marketing) that Slipknot's "Solway Firth" always plays immediately after nearly every Iron Maiden video on YouTube?