Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations


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I actually agree with that based on nothing other than baseless speculation. Maiden albums have gotten longer, not shorter, I don’t see any reason for that to change. Steve’s epics have also gotten longer and not shorter so there’s a chance he does his own side long epic this time.

The one caveat to all that is that without Empire of the Clouds, Book of Souls is shorter than Final Frontier. Empire is a bit of an odd one out considering the circumstances of its writing, but then again Steve was also slightly less prolific than usual on TBOS so it all kinda evens out.

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New Iron Maiden album “The Legacy Of The Beast”.

1. The Future Of Maiden
2. Seven Choruses Of Repetition
3. 82 Minutes All The Way
4. The Attack Of The Dead Band
5. Maiden Dogs
6. The Air Raid Siren
7. Great Tour
8. A Ghost In The Studio
9. Fields Of Boredom
10. The End Of The Tour To End All Tours
11. In Endless Fields Of Waiting
Just realized today marks the 4th anniversary of TBoS release.

5 years is a nice round number, placing my bet on Sep, 2020 for the next album.


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I just hope they don't release an album similar to that piece of shit, Load.
I remember reading a critique of Metallica where a guy replaced the name of a Metallica album with the word "Shit", e.g. he'd say "Shit was a terrible album". And I had no idea what album he was on about until he referred to another album as Reshit.

I like Load. :dorky: