Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations


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If you're booking a place that costs $11,ooo+ you will probably be looked after somewhat. I presume that was for a long enough time (not one night).
True, but the guy likes to moan (a lot).

Whenever I book somewhere to stay I read the small print. If it says that payment would not be refunded, it means that you would not get your money back.


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So based on this video the band are premiering tonight looks like we won't be seeing a new song on this tour, and probably not even having an announcement until the tour is over? (unless we have an existing precedent for announcing a new album in the middle of a hits tour?)

So probably looking at a end of year announcement and a 2020 release? Such a long time to wait.


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Well, if you want to talk about the setlist, there's a thread for that.

When it comes to a potential new album, I think we are certainly in uncharted territory. Who knows what Iron Maiden will do? For a bunch of lads in their 60s they're doing pretty good at social media age low-effort high-reward hype. There could be no official announcement until the end of the tour but Bruce could tease it. They could announce it officially on day one. Or partway through.

Or maybe there is no new album and this is all written on the wind.

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I think Bruce will, at some point during this tour, announce to the crowd something along the lines of "we'll be back next year with a new album"