Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations


Educated Fool
Steve must sign these official documents as Stephen Percy.

Even though it sounds like the name of a physics professor.


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There are literally millions of people all over Europe having Steve as their first name, it could even be my Australian neighbor who lives down my street...
Not unless your neighbor is Steve Harris, because that is who my buddy who runs a discord server for beer trading in Paris said was seen ordering a large shipment of Trooper beer to be to delivered to the studio over the course of several months in the spring. I double checked with my neighbor who has a cousin currently studying French and she confirmed it 100%.
This is great news mrknickers!!
this forum.should be thankful that you are so well connected across the world. I am shocked at steve ordering trooper beers though. Thst beer is soooo weak!!!
These obscure comments are over this mans head!!
You fools should be talking about steve beer rumours and getting more details about mrknickers French friend who provided all of this quality information!!