IRON MAIDEN REFERENDUM 2020: Results -> Hallowed Be Thy Name wins for the 5th time!

Are you satisfied with the results?

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If I'm satisfied with the pool results?... I can't say I'm not but also it came out kinda meh. So it's merely ok, I guess
Satisfied with the results. The best song won, the Top 6 is very good, ATG made the Top 10, TETMD became the best performing short rocker. The only issues I have are the absence of reunion era songs in the Top 10 and the underachievement of AMOLAD, but on the whole good game.

the omission of ''The Trooper'', FOTD, TNOTB is shocking...

Not for anyone who participated in previous survivors here.
While I don’t fully agree with the final top 10, I don’t think it’s in any way an unreasonable top 10, so I am satisfied. (But if Paschendale or The Clansman had squeaked in I would have been majorly dissatisfied...)
Positive points:
- Hallowed won
- Powerslave lost positions

Negative points:
- Phantom didn't make it to the final
- Play classics top 10
- Paschendale or The Clansman didn't squeak in
- most importantly, Sign of the Cross not making the top 10 is a travesty

So I guess no, I'm not happy overall.
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I wonder how this list would match up if we were all to make a top 10 list and then use those to determine the Maidenfans top 10 songs from that.
this is definitely a play classics top 10.

Hard to say that when 2 Minutes to Midnight, The Trooper, The Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills, Wrathchild, Running Free, Can I Play With Madness, Flight of Icarus, Fear of the Dark, etc are not there.

Phantom, Hallowed, Wasted Years, Aces High and maybe Evil That Men Do should be considered "Play Classics" and apart from Hallowed played only every few tours. Powerslave and Rime fit into the epic category and are certainly not overplayed live. Yes, it's all songs from the 80s but it's an eclectic mix. In fact it's actually a pretty typical of the Maidenfans' "the longest song on the album is my favorite" aesthetic. 7 of the top 10 are either the longest (5) or second longest (2) songs on their respective albums. More of that than your so-called "classics."
I strongly oppose the "play classics" thing.
I strongly support the "play songs that make some fucking sense at least"* thing.
*To the best of your current abilities, of course.
I agree to an extend. A good song or good album will be able to persevere through issues like overexposure or never budging from a band's setlist.
As Maiden 'short rockers' go (isn't Bruce technically a short rocker btw?) I'm pleasantly surprised it was TETMD that ended up representing this. So much gets made of how Maiden needs more short rockers, but the most popular ones aren't especially Maiden's best songs.