IRON MAIDEN REFERENDUM 2020: Results -> Hallowed Be Thy Name wins for the 5th time!

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Welcome to the first Iron Maiden Referendum of the decade!
We start off with the last 2 albums - The Book Of Souls and The Final Frontier.
Mother of Mercy, The Man of Sorrows, The Man Who Would be King, in order of worst to best
This was hard for me. These two albums are my 2nd and 3rd favorites.

Satellite 15
Mother of Mercy
The Alchemist
Im gonna have to go back and listen to these. Looking forward to that. Right off the bat, though, I know each of these albums have two of my least favorite reunion era tunes: Shadows of the Valley and The Final Frontier.
I want to revisit the albums but I’m preemptively casting votes for Mother Of Mercy and The Man Who Would Be King because they’re two of the weakest Maiden songs and all the rest I at least like.
You thought you could do this without me?

The only surprise right now is seeing the Talisman without a blemish.
Sad to see time hasn’t improved the respect for textbook hard rock fun like the Final Frontier.
The Man of Sorrows is underrated, but deserves to go Because these are two very deep albums.
Voted for:
  • If Eternity Should Fail - repetitive
  • The Great Unknown - strained vocals
  • The Red & The Black - boooooring, repetitive and too long
  • When The River Runs Deep - strained vocals
  • Satellite 15...The Final Frontier - Satellite 15 is not really pleasant to listen to, The Final Frontie itself is great
  • El Dorado - I don't like the beginning and the ending of the song
  • Mother Of Mercy - strained vocals
  • The Alchemist - too cheerful
Btw. I didn't mention that I'm treating The Book Of Souls as one album despite two CD's as it already has less songs than one 1 CD regular album in the discography.
I left this first round open for 4 days as it's the first one and people may wanna relisten these two albums. Otherwise every 3 days. Is that OK?
I went with all the songs that I rate below 9/10 because I simply couldn't draw the line anywhere. :D I probably should've went with WTRRD, TMOS and Satellite 15 but it's too late now.

When the River Runs Deep, Shadows of The Valley, The Man of Sorrows, Satellite 15, El Dorado, Mother of Mercy, The Man Who Would Be King