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Ancient Mariner
Today I found a disturbing image in a book that maybe could be the main reference for Derek Riggs to make "The Clairvoyant" painting.
Derek says in his book that : "It was about seeing future, so I thought, past, present and future. And that Roman god, is it Janus that has three faces? It has to do with passage of time"

Well Janus had 2 faces. He's the God of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and ending. According with Derek it's about time. That's ok.

I remember that Bruce said in some interview that he talked with Derek about ideas for the cover of the album. He showed some prints that Gustave Dore made for the Dante's Divine Comedy. The Inferno, purgatory and Heaven. Perhaps Derek made his own research and saw what I've seen today. It's the folio 48 from the Codex Altonensis (14th century). We can see Lucifer with 3 faces. I don't know what it means that illustration, I think it's about how the traitors are treated in the Inferno. I think it's painted by Botticelli.

From left to right: The Clairvoyant painting / Janus and the concept of time / Traitors in Hell are eaten by a 3 faces Lucifer.


Out of the Silent Planet
AMOLAD Eddie closer look and 2006 tour related artwork:


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