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:stupid: ...but I don't think that's what @mckindog meant. He probably accidently used Caps Lock on "days".
I firmly stand by my statement....

The collective result led me to these musings.

I already used the word 'musings' in this discussion, get your own material :nonono:

I get your point and agree that its desirable on a forum like this (Hardcore Fans) to have healthy appreciation for the '2nd rate' stuff (if we don't who will?!) and I personally do but when it comes to a game like this I cant see the likes of X Factor ever beating the likes of Powerslave or 7th Son. Doesn't mean people don't appreciate these 'lesser' albums.
Like, if No Prayer, FOTD and VXI were the Top 3 I would think voters were takin the piss!

I take you point about the trend, I wasn't looking at it that way. Its interesting if there is such a trend, I like the Blaze stuff more as time goes by.
However I got kinda bored in the middle cos I kept voting for SiT and losing. It took a while before some people woke up and smelt the coffee.....
Yes, same sentiment here. I kept trying to get rid of SIT, but it just wouldn't go soon enough.

So the forum is more heading towards well known hits and classics these days?
Well, that's not true. NOB would be the most well known hits album and that didn't get that high here.

AMOLD isn't classic and isn't that well known. And we have several Second coming of Bruce albums ranked highly. What's this about classics?

Overall I'm just tired of the labeling that we do all the time here...classics, progressive, epics, new, old....Can't we just judge a Maiden track on wether or not we think it rocks or not? Using the labels seems to be a way to downgrade each others opinions all the time. Yeah so it's a classic? Who cares, the song fucking rocks.
I actually feel that some people downgrade a song BECAUSE it is seen as a hit, seen as overplayed at concerts etc. It's that Metal thing where fans get worried if their band is too popular or if a song is too commercial or whatnot. Sometimes Metal fans can have very limited appreciation, and get too worried about what others think. Anyways, it is what it is. We pick what we like.
I don't recall having seen so much lack of appreciation for the Blaze era since I am on this forum.
X Factor lasted way longer than it should have. I should have been second or third out.

On Somewhere in Time: Certainly, there must have been several people who are not that fond of the album
It's an OK album, I'm quite fond of it, but it doesn't compare favourably to several other Maiden albums. I'm actually quite surprised how many people on this forum rank it in their top two.


I said the wait between albums, not the wait for an album that will never get made. :D
I'm overall satisfied. Powerslave is my second favourite album, so I don't mind that it won. I would like to see SIT at #4 and TBOS at #5, that's the only thing I would change I think. I wasn't around during the last survivors, but I'm happy to see that AMOLAD increased its standing.
I'm alright with winner. I don't get the "filler" argument or "4-awesome-and-4-mediocre-tracks" with this one because I would rate any song from this album above big bulk of Maiden 90's. If I made a list AMOLAD, Piece of Mind, and Book of Souls would be lower which means Dance of Death and The Final Frontier should be higher.