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Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
The list isn't going to be perfect, but I hope POM beats out BNW and TBOS. We'd have the correct Top 5.


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I don't care about the list as much, I just want to see AMOLAD as high as possible and Powerslave as high as possible among the 80's albums. Both seem pretty likely now, so I'm satisfied :D


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POM and BNW. Oddly enough I think both suffer from a dry, very underproduced sound field.

Each of the remaining albums have rightfully earned their spots on the current list.


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I rather like POM, to be honest... but out of the albums remaining, it's the weakest, IMHO. The Trooper is good, but a bit overplayed and overrated, I never understood the cult of Icarus (it doesn't even sound like Maiden and I don't mean that in a good way), S&S is just your usual quickie, QFF is just below average, Still Life is great but I have to be in a specific mood to enjoy it fully (it also doesn't fit the rest of the album that much, honestly) and TTAL is a completely astonishing song (and I always thought so), but the lyrics definitely leave something to be desired. As a Dune fan of sorts (or at least a casual fan), let's just say those are... awkward at best. That leaves Eagles and Revelations as the best songs here. And these are amazing, mind ye, but this album should be the next to go.


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I'm wanting to defect and break the tie, but I like BNW and TBOS too much! It's still way too early for either of them to leave the game!

Piece of Mind is easily the weakest here, so that needs to die.
I actually think Sun and Steel contributes a lot to PoM. It's not "great" but it elevates the diversity quotient (something some albums like the great but taxing AMOLAD could benefit from) and its place in the tracklist is perfect: it pumps you up leaving you ready to enjoy TTAL and its simpler feel makes the latter seem even more epic.
Besides, not only it has the fiercest gallop ever, but the chorus is catchy as hell and the mini riff after " is like a wheel" is awesome. (POM has several touches like that, for example the melody right after "no point asking [whatever it is, the first one]" in DWYBO) It's an album that is not the best for Big Riffs and Great Melodies but very good for Small Details.
The point of that was that I prefer POM to AMOLAD because the latter is what would happen if POM started with The Trooper and then had Eagles, Revelations and Dune three times in a row.


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But this time, TBOS is automatically eliminated.

Can we kill Piece Of Mind and AMOLAD please?